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June 11, 2014

a baby shower for a wonderful gal

the title of this post doesn't quite do shannon justice. she truly is kind through and through. and she's funny...and i may have even caught a few inappropriate, hilarious comments sneak out...which is good, because those are the kind of gals i like.
the more inappropriate, the better.

so as i mentioned a few days ago, i had the opportunity to team up with minted and amy to throw shannon a shower for baby #2...and minted certainly didn't disappoint.

if there is one thing i enjoy, it's sharing wonderful finds here on the blog. products i love through and through and can encourage without a second thought.

well, minted products are certainly at the top of my list these days.

quality paper: check
beautiful, plentiful options: check
excellent customer service: check
promo codes all the time: check check check

basically what i'm saying is you can't go wrong if you choose minted for your next party decor, invitation, birth announcement, christmas card, etc, etc, etc. it's good stuff.

let's talk about the invites for a hot second.

when the alford park party package paired with the bon vivant invitation arrived at my door...i swooned. minted went all out complete with an invitation backer (the stripes!) and return address labels. they also addressed all of the invites. that certainly was wonderful.
but back to the shower...

i shared this little inspiration board yesterday. the hope was the inspiration board would give us a clear look/feel for how amy and i wanted the shower to look.
thanks to amy's super snazzy, classy eye and her amazing talent for party-throwing paired with my ability to whip up mini-quiche and donut fruit skewers...i can say we got a few pats on the back.

(people...donut fruit skewers are delicious. do those always and forever at every party. you'll be loved by the masses.)
we spent a lot of time on the food table. i had this balloon idea that was a total fail, but amy to the rescue...of course! girlfriend just has an eye.
that banner? minted-made. 
 food and beverage signage? minted for the win!
guests were treated to a delicious brunch-spread as well as a faux-mimosa bar. while champagne can never be was still pretty yummy.
darling straw flag stickers? minted again!
(those dots next to the flowers? table confetti. minted!)
again...i can't brag on shannon enough. she's the cutest. she's the sweetest. 

thank you so much gal for letting amy and i be a part of your very special day. it was a delight to put together!
and another huge thank you to minted for all the extra touches that made this shower extra-special!
10 comments on "a baby shower for a wonderful gal"
  1. Wow you guys killed it on every detail!! Looks beautiful!! Love the invites and the banner especially!

  2. Love everything about this baby shower! So cute! (heads up.. if you were protecting the momma's last name, it's kinda on the banner for baby.)

  3. Wow this is the cutest shower! I love the backdrop for the food table too. Everything looks amazing!

  4. What a cute baby shower!! I wish I knew someone who was having another baby so I could throw one like this!

  5. What a great shower!! Wonderful job, ladies (and Minted) :)

  6. This shower is fabulous!!! Love that onesie and obviously the donut kabobs....yum. Now that the wedding and honeymoon are over I am back in blogland and so pumped!!! time to catch up on all that I have missed from you!! Xx.

  7. Looks like a great shower!!!


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