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June 13, 2014

5 | run + weekend happenings

1 | sawtooth relay | big saturday tomorrow. we have the sawtooth relay breathing down our necks. let's make it quite clear that my team certainly isn't going to win...but i get nervous and competitive every. single. time. i can't even help it. it must be the altitude. 5000+ feet.
or maybe it's running with a stunning backdrop? oh idaho. be still my heart. you'll have it always.
it's also quite possible i get competitive simply because my sister flies in for this race each year.
or maybe it's the solid chance that we may be faced with horrific running conditions like two years ago. regardless...i keep coming back. year after year. i'm absolutely addicted. in addition, the last time i ran this race i was 21 weeks pregnant, so we'll see how this year shakes out. wish us luck.
2 | hot off the press - September FARM has a new ad space open! i decided to start offering the saturday confessional spot as an ad space because i wanted you guys to be able to have more freedom with your post! plus you'll have the option to get in on the monthly group giveaway, or you can do your own giveaway, plus you get to take over my blog for the entire weekend. i totally dig it...and you should too!

sound like it's your thing? visit my advertise page. the first four gals to get on the confessional ad space can use the code SATURDAY25 for 25% off!

3 | father's day...right around the corner. i'll share two pictures just so you guys know that my gal has one of the very very best around.
4 | do you follow me on instagram? if you don't, you may have missed a little something. see that guy up there and down there? he bought a school bus. he said it was a need...not a want. hmm? regardless...he's one happy farmer and he certainly does deserve it. and who am i to deny my farmer a 1991 short bus? i mean, it's not like we don't have 3000 acres to store it somewhere.

we had to pick it up an hour and a half away from the farm. i brought my laptop to document...and i wrote a blog post. multitasking at it's finest...or something like that.
5 | totally random, but totally something that occurred this week...amy, over at {the farmer's wife}, and i got together yesterday and she was kind enough to snaps some new shots of me for the blog. they were much needed since i usually have to pop into my hard drive to hunt a decent one down...either that or crop out my pregnant belly from two years ago. i have a point...i swear.
there really is nothing more awkward than getting your picture taken alone. i dislike it. i loath it. and what should i do with my hands? i support models making thousands of dollars a day...that's hard stuff...modeling.
out of 100+, there were probably only three or four usable. and trust me...this isn't because of amy's lack of ability. girlfriend can take a picture. it's me. it'll always be me. so with that...

happy friday. i'll be running my fanny in mere hours and have super soar legs all weekend. burns so good, right?

it's link time!
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21 comments on "5 | run + weekend happenings"
  1. Good luck this weekend! I am super impressed. I would have given up in those conditions. I love the bus picture of your farmer. Oh my...he looks so happy. Cracks me up. Have a great weekend.

  2. the pictures of the school bus cracked me! and your photos are beautiful!

  3. Have fun at your race weekend! Hopefully the weather conditions aren't bad!

  4. Love the pics and the school bus is hilarious! Is he going to drive it?? Also have a great run this weekend!!!

  5. Good luck tomorrow!! A school bus?!? Love the pic of you sitting there blogging on the bus. Lol! Have a great weekend.

  6. You look gorgeous, girl! Have an awesome weekend :)

  7. Hahaha a school bus?? He's too funny :) What's he going to do with it?
    You look gorgeous!! Love the new pics of you!! xx

  8. Like the pictures! I'm with you, so awkward to just stand there and have your photo taken - will it ever get easier?

  9. I love your new photos. I need to do that too. I only have good photos from my engagement shoot and wedding. I need some new pro pics soon. Good luck on the race tomorrow!

  10. Oh my Lord, it snowed in June? That is insane, let's hope you have better weather tomorrow. I'll be doing a 5k walk for Pancreatic Cancer tomorrow so go us! The pictures look great! I'm the same way where a million pictures could be taken and I may like 5.

    Men and their toys, they never grow up. Have a great weekend!

  11. Holy crap! If i tried to walk in those conditions i'd break my neck, let alone run. Haha. That is so awesome & good luck! Aww, your little one is adorable! I hope he has a great Father's day & that you guys have a great weekend.

  12. So you were 21 weeks AND in those conditions? If I can math right. That is impressive.

    I love that you worked on a blog post on your short bus! Not many people can say that. Blog cred!

  13. Oh my word - your hubby and cutie eating popcorn together is wayyyy too sweet!! Absolutely love it! And good luck with your relay!!!! xo

  14. I can't believe he bought a school bus - that is hilarious.

  15. Your picture turned out gorgeous. You only need one anyway!

    The Farmers face. On his bus. Oh my word.

  16. You are the owner of a school bus, how great! Good luck with the race this weekend :)

  17. Stopping by from the link up.. That Idaho backdrop IS gorgeous!

  18. you look gorgeous, and you're the owner of a school bus! ha! good luck with the race, that backdrop is absolutely stunning!

  19. Doesn't everyone need a school bus LOL?
    I think your photos are great :)

  20. cute cute photo of your little and daddy! we have those adorable pink dot pjs too :) hope the race went well - sounds like without the snow! That photo of you blogging on the bus?! so funny - not sure why but just is :) happy weekend!0

  21. Love the new photos!! they look great! wish I could be into running like you!


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