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June 20, 2014

5 | brag edition

you guys. it's been that kind of week. i truly truly cannot help but to put on my bragging pants so i can share with you all the goodness that's been going on.
1 | brag - in case you missed my 43 social media posts as well as the blog post i wrote on tuesday...we'll be adding to the farm this october when turtle 2.0 makes it's appearance...kaye will have a little sibling exactly two years younger. i not-so-secretly hope they share a birthday. regardless, i have visions of huge, month-long birthday celebrations. october is going to be an amazing time on the farm.
2 | brag - the sawtooth relay was absolutely amazing. last saturday some gal-pals and i ran in a relay totaling 62 miles from a small town in the sawtooths to a little town outside of sun valley, id. i ran 11 of those miles at 21 weeks pregnant. even though it hurt so good...i want to do it again this weekend and the next and the next.

the gal-faces above (minus one) made up our gorgeous team...don't mind the faces. it was a reenactment of a face made last year. (see the girl in blue below.) that's our gal rachel...she just doesn't disappoint.

the face she made last year...
i can't get enough of it.

in addition, my sister flew in from chico and stayed an entire week...which STILL isn't long enough. i miss her so so much already and i am demanding she fly home in july. do you hear me kelli? july.
3 | brag - while my dear, sweet kelli was home we fancied up some serious cupcakes. i mean...we totally picked out the flavor combinations of vanilla-orange frosting with a vanilla-almond cake with an orange didn't disappoint. feel free to drool. i still have four in the fridge taunting me daily. this is why i have to post five pictures of them...even though they deserve more.
4 | not so much a brag...but because i'm still basking in all the love i received...i'm still running FARMBABY discount on all ad spaces. it's 50% OFF! i strongly encourage the saturday confessional ad! it's new to the ad options but not new to September FARM. i've been running a test period for the saturday confessional and it has been super successful! so if you want some ad love AND want to take over my blog for the weekend, that's the spot for you!
5 | brag - lastly...have you entered the $175 cash giveaway yet? i have some great sponsors on the blog this month and here's your chance to check them all out!

have a fantastic weekend! drink a cocktail for me!

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15 comments on "5 | brag edition"
  1. Congrats girl! How exciting!!

  2. Sounds like lots of exciting things are happening! And those cupcakes look amazing!

  3. I never officially congratulated you on the next farm baby. But I did in my head lots of times. Also. Those cupcakes.

  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting. I am due in October too, and I am really hoping for a Halloween baby :)

  5. Congrats on that sweet new baby in the oven! :) And those cupcakes...mannn!!!

  6. I still think its so awesome that you ran that many miles while pregnant!

  7. Those cupcakes look amazing! How cool that they could share a birthday!

  8. Those cupcakes. Are you serious? They look store-bought! I'm jealous of your incredible icing ability! I guess I get too impatient and stick the icing on a hot cupcake and then shove said cupcake, melting icing and all, in my mouth.

  9. so many good things it's hard not to brag! and i'm gonna need about 8 of those cupcakes. thank you.

  10. I'm a little late to the party, but congratulations! SO exciting! And yeah...those cupcakes. Gonna need to hear how you made those happen.

  11. Congratulations. My boys are exactly 2 years (and 9 days apart). It was chaotic but amazing to have them so close together. Stay well and rest up (2 kids feel like 10!) xoxo

  12. Ahh brag away girl you have some good things to brag about!

  13. Congrats on the new addition! My kids are 2 years and 3 days apart. It definitely makes for lots of celebrating in July :)

  14. Oh my gosh, Karli! How exciting! I am just now catching up on blogs and saw this amazing news!!! So, so thrilled for you guys! Congratulations $ Can't wait for more pregnancy updates:)


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