May 22, 2014

i've solved the mystery of toddler picky eating

meet kaye. meet kaye mid-fit.

i don't think anyone would ever accuse her of being a picky eater. well, maybe slightly picky. 

however, sometimes its difficult to hold her attention long enough to even try a bite of a meal. it can be pretty frustrating considering i find meal times to be the hardest part of the day. i'm not very creative in the meal-making department. i don't enjoy it. i never have. but guess what? that frustrated turtle above? she has to eat about forty-eleven times a day, counting snacks. 

when i know she's hungry and i watch her throw food to the floor…nothing ticks me off more quickly. 

so when i say i've solved the problem to toddler picky eating i mean i've solved my toddler's picky eating…for one day…for one meal.

i thought it was worth sharing if it helps one mother/toddler relationship.

it's worth it if one toddler doesn't refuse food set before him/her.

it's worth it if only for the fact that it could save a mom from having to try and think of something different after having already prepared a perfectly yummy meal for lunch.

here's what you do. go to the store. get yourself a box of toothpicks.
me? i used a giant, wooden skewer because if that's all you have on the farm…then that's what you're stuck with.

hand the stick to your toddler.

watch your toddler immediately try to blind/stab him/herself.
when you're done cringing, enjoy watching your toddler stab individual bites and clean her plate. pinky out…of course. she's a lady.

in the end you'll have a perfectly pleased child with a full belly ready for a nap. thank god.
and because my gal is so darn cute and so darn photogenic…one more. 


  1. GENIUS.

    My daughter will be 1 next week but I'm sure this info will come in handy soon enough! ;)

  2. Hahaha, this is awesome!

  3. omg! Kaye really does look like you're going to impale her with a tooth pick. That pic is sooo funny!


  4. What an awesome idea! She's so cute and funny!

  5. Brilliant! I think I have toothpicks round here that will be served with lunch! Ps-that fit pic is too cute, how does she look so put together and adorable when mid fit? My kids look like slobbering masses of anger!

  6. That is pretty brilliant!! I think I might invest in some toothpicks.

  7. Great idea! Xavier stopped wanting to eat until we gave him full size untensils! Butter knife included! But he was a happy camper and eats really, really well (knock on wood I am not jinxing myself as I type this)!

  8. She is a cutie and I'm definitely trying this!!

  9. Great idea! My son is such a picky eater. Everything ends up on the floor with the exception of fruit. That is all he will eat! I need to try this.
    The Grass Skirt

  10. Throwing food on the floor when it is something she is actively eating and apparently enjoying ticks me off. Then she asks for it back. smh. I wonder how she'd like a big ol skewer!

  11. Thanks for sharing...perfect timing. I dread figuring out what I think my nia might eat. Because if she liked it yesterday...she won't even look at it today. I think the toothpick will be so interesting she will forget that the goal is to EAT!

  12. Eventually she is so graceful with that skewer.

  13. This is hilarious! Love. And listen, no judgment here in regard to the skewers. Whatever works! Every parent on this planet completely understands that:) Little Miss Kay has some serious dexterity skills. I'm pretty impressed right now.

  14. AnonymousMay 23, 2014

    That is a good idea. Because I currently have a hate relationship with my niece's meal times. Her mother believes her eating habits are because of me, but she likes more than I do. I might try this, because using utensils works for the first 2 bites.

  15. what a great idea! I'm thinking the party toothpicks with the sparkly cellophane on the end would be even more enticing!

  16. Such a great trick.. both amazing and terrifying at the same time! Totally a forehead smacking moment for this ol' Nanny though.. why didn't I think of that myself? :)


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