May 23, 2014

5 | a little about my farmer

1 | how did you meet such a good-looking farmer in a tiny town? and how do i meet my own?
farmer and me at his companies' christmas party when we first started dating.
really really good question. and you're right. my farmer is pretty fine. like…the but i didn't meet him in this tiny town of 100. i also didn't meet him at any sort of farming convention or an equipment auction…although i'm sure many great love stories have began that way.

i met my farmer when we were both living in the big city…fresh off of college graduation. i had been working for an architecture firm (still trying to figure my sh*z out) and he worked as an engineer. his boss had called my boss looking for two people to complete on a golf team for a tournament they were putting together. i was sent to represent our firm with another gal. and then, right there on the driving range, up walked my engineer. what a dream boat. but i specifically remember not liking his shoes.

regardless of the shoes, he was so dreamy, funny, and he stole me a beer from one of his co-worker's coolers. i was smitten. that next week (after not hearing from him????) i shot him an e-mail asking him if he'd like some golfing lessons. he accepted and that's how we began phase 1 of our dating career.

phase 2 involved me moving to prague and him coming to visit.

phase 3 involved me moving home and him finally admitting we were boyfriend/girlfriend and a proposal after five years of dating.

phase 90-eleven was when my farmer told me he was going to buy a farm.

how do you snag your own good-looking farmer? find one in the big city and then gently nudge him towards farm life. make him think it's his own idea. when he decides that's the direction he'd like to take…resign to only seeing him in the winter. kidding. kind of.

seems like a lifetime ago. next question!

2 | where and what do you guys farm?

farmer and i live in a tiny tiny town of about 100 people. and when i say "in town" i mean we live about 10 miles outside of town. we literally have no neighbors. the town is in south westish/centralish idaho. the farm consists of nearly 3000 acres of corn and alfalfa this year, and normally some wheat is dabbled in there.

3 | do you get bored living in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere?
sunset on the farm
honestly…yes. on occasion i have pity parties because i miss living in the big city. there is a lot of effort involved (especially when you have a baby) just to go get milk…or the endless supply of blueberries our turtle requires/demands.

but then i get my sh*z together and realize that the life my farmer provides out here on the farm for us is unlike any other. we have a beautiful home with tons of property. the stars are absolutely unbelievable because of the lack of city lights. turtle and i get to ride 4-wheelers all over our property on the daily (girlfriend loves a 4-wheeler, motorcycle, etc). the pluses are limitless and i'm excited to watch our little family grow out here in the sticks.

4 | what is your farmer's name?

ummm…really good question. i'm planning a Q + A with him here in the near future and i think i'll disclose it at that time. i have mentioned it once before (for dramatic purposes) in a previous blog post. i think he kind of digs the anonymity and mystery. plus i think if i disclose too much information some of you gals may try to steal him…according to some of your comments.

speaking of those comments…i tell my farmer about them and i'm pretty sure he secretly loves them. or he'll tease me and say, "who was this girl? what does she look like?" at least i think he's teasing.

5 | have any additional questions for my hunk of a farmer? or me? i'll toss them in the pot! e-mail me.

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happy friday! make good decisions.



  1. I love your story on how you met your farmer! My boyfriend would love to move to a more small town, but I am a born and bred city gal. I guess as long as JCrew can find my shipping address - I'll get by.


  2. That view... gorgeous! And fun reading about you and your farmer. :-)

  3. Stopping by from the link up! I love that you refer to your spouse as "the farmer". I think you should just keep doing that :)

    Beautiful views on your property! I am jealous!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful views...the sky that is! Don't worry... I won't be one of those girls :)

  5. That's a cute story of how you met The Farmer. & yes I love how that is his name...I may do the same. That view is beautiful! Wide open spaces are the best! There's nothing better than a 4-wheeler ride around! With no one around you can do whatever ya want!

  6. That sunset...WOW!

  7. I think Farmer should stay Farmer - its so fun that you always refer to him as that. Love it. My hubs keeps trying to convince me to me to move to the middle of nowhere (or God's country, as he calls it). The scary thing is, it's starting to rub off on me...

  8. Ha! I love that it took 5 years before you were engaged, my now husband and I introduced me as his friend for the first 4 years of our relationship, finally changing that to girlfriend once we got engaged and "more serious"... He lived in Montana for 5 years and we went out to visit and took a day trip to somewhere in Idaho, I remember it being much prettier than I thought it would be!


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