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May 16, 2014

5 | changes on the farm

so…it's friday. things are looking promising for a fun weekend ahead - graduation party, baby shower, and rumor has it farmer might take kaye on an overnight adventure giving me the freedom to do…whatever i want. mostly i'm just excited to not have to think of what to feed her. the day girlfriend can put together a bowl of cereal is the day…is the day i get to drink a warm cup of coffee. it's the little things.

let's get to it…

1 | last night i saved my very best gal, my turtle, my kaye from certain injury. well…at least a few tears. we put her to bed, kissed her good night, and not 10 minutes later i saw her on the monitor with two legs dangling over the side. girlfriend is due for a big girl bed, i guess.

i was nearly certain we wouldn't need to explore this until after her second birthday. how wrong i was. so now i've gotten the go-ahead to find a bed + mattress for <$100. yeah…in my farmer's dreams. with my deep-seeded obsession with pottery barn, i'm exploring a bed or two there…and also have my eyeball on the jenny lind bed from land of nod. it's darling.

2 | farmer is finished planting corn which means we get our evenings together again…at least until the alfalfa needs baled. unfortunately this also means i have to learn out to share the remote and be conversational. both skills i lost in the last two months.
3 | kaye has returned to beast-mode. i don't know what's gotten into her. maybe some more molars are coming in? she's so quick to throw herself to the ground and bang her head when she's not immediately appeased. i've never loved and disliked someone so much at the same time. no, this does not make me a bad mom. yes, it does give me a glimpse into the future of the emotional roller coaster she'll be sending her suiters on. that's fun.

4 | it's officially staying light outside until well after 9 pm. what does this mean? i have exactly zero excuse to not work out. if i don't get my workout in between the hours of 6 - 8 am (kaye is still sleeping) i have the option of working out between the hours of 12:30 - 3:30 pm (kaye is napping). if i can't possibly find the time in those five (FIVE) hours, i have from 7:30 - 9:30 pm. that's seven hours of kaye-free time during the day that i have absolutely no excuse to not get my sweat on. it's time to get physical. physical. i want to get physical. thank you olivia newton-john.
5 | all this workout-talk has made me hungry. i've been thawing some delicious vanilla ice cream for the past 10 minutes. i think i'll top it with some crumbled oreos, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. then i'll do as the models do and eat it with a tiny spoon to make it last longer.
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thank god it's friday. i nearly didn't make it. linking up.

16 comments on "5 | changes on the farm"
  1. Get your fitness on, girl! I'll be right there with you. Out here in VA, anyway. And also, now I want ice cream for breakfast.

  2. Wow! Kaye dangling over the side of the crib. I think I would have sprinted full speed into Cam's room if I saw him doing that. He will be 2 in July and I'm wondering when we will face the screaming and put him in a big boy bed. I promise that you are not the only one who loves and dislikes their little one at the same time. Just part of being a momma! :)

  3. Oh we are all too familiar with having to transition out of the crib early... ours was at 16 months because we couldn't keep him in, he would climb out so quickly and we were so worried he'd fall! It was not the best of times. Best of luck with the transition, and that bed is so pretty! But I'm guessing it's not in the $100 budget :)

  4. Ha ha love that do as the models do! It's a good way to be able to eat your ice cream and not get fat that's for sure!

  5. I feel ya on the working out thing! I don't have kids, so there's really no excuse right now with all the hours of daylight! Have a great weekend!

  6. On the same wave length of workout delays! That bed is so dreamy!!!

  7. That bed is adorable. I wish I could convince my husband that boys need pretty beds too (they don't though, at least mine don't because they are the destroyers of worlds. And all home goods, RIP pottery barn vase 2014-2014). I need to follow your lead and carve out time that I know people are around to take the terrors so I can get some moves in, like stat!

  8. We just survived a horrible bout of toddler beast mode. It was two weeks of pure hell for us. No joke. Thankfully, it passed and we now have our sweet girl back...until more molars come in :/ Good luck surviving! Ice cream helps :)

  9. That fro yo picture is making me really want some! I'm saving my my cheats for tomorrow!

  10. He-larious!! Stumbled across your blog from 5 on Friday! And you seem to by my kinda chick! Good luck on the bed hunt! We moved our oldest into his big boy bed at the ripe age of 17 months! Oy!

  11. Good for you getting your work out on. I still need to be so much better about that.

    Abigail switched to the big girl bed no problemo. I hope K is the same.

  12. Well, technically you typed greater than $100, so the sky's the limit! Land of Nod bed it is! It's gorgeous!

  13. Sister, you're killing me with your yummy dessert pictures. I can't. You have to make it STAHP. ;)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  14. oh geesh...climbing out of the crib! I hope Aria and her shorty status will stay away from that for a while.

  15. Hi!!! Found you blog on the Mom Lovin' Hop - that ice cream looks amazing! Forget the workout! Eat the ice cream!
    Going to follow on bloglovin'


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