April 14, 2014

i'm going to lose my mind | figuratively + a giveaway

i'm absolutely going to lose my mind if i have to endure one more day of 50 mph+ wind on the farm. as i sit here typing this up i'm literally watching our bbq roll across our deck. the wind is relentless. since we're on a farm and our house is on a hill, there is absolutely no reprieve from the wind. no hills. no buildings…nothing to break the wind even slightly. it makes me want to throw my laptop through a window and curse at the dirt that's blasting my face. 

you can forget styling your hair. pointless.
you can forget taking your turtle outside to enjoy the sunshine. also pointless.
you can forget sleeping because the wind is rattling your entire house. 

i've been up since 4:30 am. shoot me.

in my misery i bring you generosity…

gals. it doesn't get much cuter than a rainbow of hunter rain boots…now does it? i already own a pair of bright green, but that doesn't stop me from coveting the yellow, pink, rust, navy…most all of them…definitely not that lavender color. anyway...
also pretty darn adorable are the ladies below who have teamed up for this snazzy giveaway. 

giveaways are where it's at. or as i recently heard…the bomb.com. 

i also recently heard that facebook is for old people. could this be true?

regardless // get yourself entered, visit the ladies below and see if you've found your new favorite blog, and send me your well-wishes before i burn our house down…forcing us to move to a more habitable locale.

the prizes
(1) pair of hunter boots // (1) monogrammed rain jacket // $30 paypal cash

your best gals


  1. I keep hearing about these rain bots but now that I've actually looked them up I think I may need a pair!

  2. if facebook is for old people, consider me old ;) sucks about the wind, and here i was grumpy about the rain!

  3. Thanks for this giveaway girl + here's to surviving that wind...yikes! Xx.

  4. Is it really terrible that I'm laughing in my head at you watching your bbq roll across the backyard? I know it's bad, but you created such a funny image. Hope it stops soon for you though!

  5. Ugh. you have wind, we have snow. Thankfully the sun melted it today otherwise I would've cried all day, while sitting at my desk, white knuckling two Starbucks venti capps.

    And then it cleared by the time I was off work, I said eff the gym and ran outside. My hands about fell off my arms they were so cold by the end...

    Anyway...the giveaway? Love it. It's not raining here, but I still use my boots in the snow and could totally love/rock/need/want those yellow ones. Like right now. Pick me.

  6. Not even cool enough to know what GFC is. So you can bet your bottom dollar I am not following anyone on it. Had to Google it.

  7. I so feel you on the wind! The barn where my horse is at is in a valley and the wind just rips right through it. I was laughing today because as I was getting in the truck it blew my hood on my head and slammed the door on me! Jerk.

  8. Im your new follower and so glad I came across you blog. love seeing other Farm wives! This giveaway is awesome


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