April 17, 2014

i don't want to f-word blog today…and probably tomorrow and the next day and the next

short and sweet today, kids.

i was supposed to post something for minted today. i had a plan. i had it scheduled. the post is 95% written…but i just don't want to. 

and you know what…the harder i work at this blogging bit…the more i don't want to do it altogether.

but at the same time i want to. i want to because i love reading your comments. 

i love knowing that even though i'm out here on the farm, pretty secluded, i can still have a quasi-conversation about something that is interesting to me at that moment or complain about how kaye had a total freak out at gymnastics this morning.
no really. complete meltdown, freak the eff-word out. no more starbucks hot chocolate for her before class. 
sugar apparently = the devil.

so…maybe that's why i'm feeling negative nancy. kaye can pretty much make or break my day. 

kaye is in a good mood? mom is in a good mood.

kaye is in a b-face mood? mom is going to be a b-face…to everyone. 

she's napping now. i told my farmer that if he comes home at 5 pm and she's still in her crib…that means i left her there. 

don't call CPS just yet. i'd never ever do that. but at about 10 am this morning when the other moms were looking at me with pity…i could read right through them. they were saying with their eyes, "get it together. i didn't come her to listen to someone's kid throw a bi*ch-fit."

i hear ya sister. i wouldn't want to listen to your kid either. 

the cherry on top? we have a flight to chico, CA tomorrow. that should be super fun with the way kaye's attitude has shaped up lately. 

send your well-wishes my way. the passengers on the plane are going to need it. 


sometimes we have intense cuddle sessions where she can't possibly cuddle any harder and i think all is right with the world. i'll survive.


  1. Sorry to hear Kaye was super grumpy today - hopefully she will wake up in a stellar mood! Sometimes I good nap works wonders :D I definitely know what you mean about your child's attitude making or breaking your day though.

  2. sending good thoughts your way for your flight.......I remember flying with two littles, it can be stressful, I hope you get seated next to some kind folks!!

  3. Boo for a grumpy girl turning you into a grumpy momma! Hopefully she keeps that attitude in check during trip!! At least during the traveling portion.

  4. Oh :( sending you well-wishes for tomorrow! No hot chocolate before the plane ride...:)

  5. My little one was a terror until he was able to really communicate verbally. He was a screamer and loved to bite other kids which is really bad for trying to make friends. Once he was able to express himself he calmed down a lot and he is my bff most of the time, seriously a true delight to hang out with. Hang in there. If anyone shoots you dirty looks on the plane, make a voo doo move on them!

  6. I can relate to ALL of this! As much as blogging is my favorite hobby, I have more than once thought about being done. Straight cold turkey done. And then a few days pass, I come crawling back!

    Also, I literally just blogged about a real rough day. My husband is out of town for three whole days. Three terrible days. I can sympathize with you!

  7. Girl, we all have those days. Apparently my Sadie and your Kaye's stars are aligned. Sadie decided to throw an all out b-fit at a new play group today. Talk about embarrassing. Well wishes for your flight tomorrow, hoping she's in a cuddling mood!

    But seriously... keep blogging.. I enjoy reading and knowing I'm not the only mom out there wiping my girls snot with my hand and then wiping it back onto her clothes.

  8. Sending 'good flight' prayers your way! And don't give up on blogging, Mama! Sometimes we all just need a little break. Blogging is like anything - too much of it and it starts to wear on you! If you need to step away for a few days, we'll all be here when you get back!:)

  9. Sending some attitude adjustment happy vibes your way! We have a threenager right now and some days I swear to eff-word it is too hard.... I hope your flight goes well! That is a great shot of you two beauties to cap it off!

  10. Isn't it a bummer?! I had a challenging morning yesterday that just put me in an extremely irritated mood the WHOLE day!! I was much better today thank God. I think I got my meds figured out, haha! You should post about flying with your turtle. I want to know your tips as were taking Ellie on a plane in June!


  11. Kids are exhausting (no wait, TODDLERS are exhausting). It's such a hard job...people can say how rewarding it is and I totally agree, but it is still an emotionally intense job. My little Ben has been a crank-face this week too...molars and that toddler 'tude is in full swing. Hang in there...I totally understand the needing to feel connected to the world beyond your own seclusion.

  12. kiddos... they're amazingly like drunk adults! they throw tantrums about wanting to text their ex's yet they wake up and thank you for stopping them. kind of like those sour patch kids gummies! good luck on the flight and hope her tude changes soon ;)

  13. Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow!

  14. So, my mini farmerette has been whiny and crabby for days, maybe weeks. Ive lost count of time. I also got puked on almost every day last week. So I totally understand how kiddos make or break your days and I am sending good thoughts your way. Hope things turn around.

  15. I hope you're not in the sky trying to pull your hair out right now... I hope the kid is sound asleep and snuggly the whole flight for you!

  16. Awww, I hate that she was a grumpapotomus like that. I definitely know what you mean about your kid making or breaking your day! Hope the flight went well!

  17. I totally get the if baby is happy mom is happy! My kids can really make or break my day. Don't feel bad though, every parent that was glaring at you has been there and done that!

  18. Why do they think they can just be jerks? Seriously, do they do anything for themselves? No. We do it all. And you were nice enough to give her a Starbucks hot choc and she still acted a fool?

    Some days mama needs a little time out herself or I might go a little crazy on my guy. He can be so embarrassing sometimes!


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