April 28, 2014

a minted mother's day post + inspiration board

mother's day. it's definitely right around the corner. 

last year on mother's day we had friends over for a brunch with mimosas on our deck. and i ask you this…when does brunch with mimosas get old? 

answer - never. never in the history of time has that combination been overdone. who's with me?

also, if i recall correctly, i believe it reached 90º+ that day and we went for a boat ride. 

which is exactly why the weather here in southwest idaho has two weeks to shape up or we're shipping out. (that's an unrealistic threat.)

as i sit here dreaming of mimosas on our deck the hail/sleet just started. the only upside to this crap-tastic weather is the fact that kaye is tucked in sleeping soundly for her daily, glorious three hour nap and our farmer spent the morning with us…and will probably be spending the afternoon with us as well…due to weather. 

it's a good thing. he needed a break from his 20+ hour days.

on a completely related note, i've been hoarding some beautiful lilac pictures waiting to compile them for an inspiration board. 

i typically don't care for the color purple, but when they come in the form of popsicles, floral arrangements and luxurious fabrics i'll yield to purple's beauty. 

i teamed up with minted today to feature two of their beautiful products in an inspiration board just for mother's day…in appropriate shades, of course.

i swoon for minted products. i actually want to have a baby just so i can send out one of their birth announcements. 

i chose the life is better with doodles planner and the personalized floral notes planner, and they fit in perfectly. 

but there are dozens to choose from in a trillion many many shades, so don't limit yourself. there is also an entire mother's day section for you to drool over full of cards, art prints, calendars, day planners…you get the idea. 

let's also have an honest moment here. the odds are your main man won't be aching to purchase you your very own minted product, so maybe you should treat yourself…know what i'm sayin?

but be warned before you click any of the links…you'll want to have a baby. just like me. 
row 1 | bouquet // dessert // life notebook // popsicles 
row 2 | soaps
row 3 | chair // lilacs // necklace // floral planner


  1. I love lilac and mimosas are perfect for any occasion, day, weather situation. In my humble opinion.

  2. What the hell is in those popsicles? They look so pretty :)

  3. mimosas in the mornin' mimosas in the evenin' that's how I roll. Seriously mimosas are amazing. And that necklace - well, and the cleveleand, ohio - is amazing. Love it all!

  4. i don't do weekends without brunch and mimosas! it's most definitely a package deal!

  5. What a great board!! I am loving that floral pattern. I don't know what it is but it seems all of a sudden I am obsessed with everything floral, which about two years ago you couldn't get me in the same room as it!



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