February 10, 2014

weekend without our farmer

while the farmer is away…the girls will play, right?

except for when it snows eight inches in a single day/night and you're paralyzed in fear of driving on those snow-covered, farm roads.

seriously…eight inches. normally we're lucky if we get two inches on the farm.

not going to happen.

so we did a lot of house time. yay.

plus, people say i don't write about kaye enough…said no one ever.

well…we started things off with a new outfit.

i bought this little number for valentine's day, but i was aching to get her in it.

there is just something about a one-piece that suits that belly of hers.

the next day, the snow had settled and the sun was shining so we knew it was time to get some fresh air.

girlfriend loves fresh air. 

except for when there's any snow in sight. no thanks.

i got her to stop crying long enough to show her that she could eat the snow. 

girlfriend loves eating, so i knew this was right up her ally. plus it's calorie free. there's a win.

mere moments passed and girlfriend took a dive on our slippery walkway.

i'll be writing sorel a strongly worded letter about their traction on their toddler boots.

unfortunately (or fortunately) there is just something about the way kaye cries that cracks me up. there are about 50 of this same shot while she laid there. 

maybe the crying doesn't bother me anymore because she does it ALL. THE. TIME.

this morning we had to try our cowboy boots on because girlfriend had a farm party to attend this afternoon. 

as it turns out, she likes the way the hard soles click across our hardwood floor. she clomped around the rest of the day in this exact outfit.

is this a preview into high heels across our hardwood? doubtful. girlfriend is a tomboy. 

god love her. 


  1. I love the fact that you were snapping pictures as she laid there crying. I did the same thing on Saturday in the snow. It is just freaking cute when they cry sometimes. I mean they weren't really hurt or anything. She is precious!

  2. Awe I love her little onesie!!!
    The prancing around in her boots are just a preview of all the prancing around in new boots you will have while she grows up. There is no feeling quite like the feeling of getting a new pair of boots. Makes me want to go shopping for some!!

  3. My goodness! I love her little onsie! TOO CUTE! Also, is it bad I think she looks adorable when shes crying too??

    xo Nicole
    a dash of gold

  4. Kaye is just too cute and that valentines one piece is adorbs!!! I can't wait for Ellie to start walking so I can get her some boots...I love boots!

  5. spoken like a true momma-blogger...snapping away when your kiddo is screaming! ha! I always love the screaming photos...something about it showing true life isn't always cutesy grins & giggles!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...Looking forward to reading more here as well!

  6. Adorable! Kaye has a fellow snow hater over here in Michigan! Easton (our three year old) enjoys going out to shovel for about 10 minutes then he's done. I'm convinced he only ever goes out so he can come back in to get hot cocoa! We have been stranded in the house for a run of days because 8 inches happens a bit too much here!

    There is something great about the sound of cowboy boots on a wood floor!

  7. omg this is my daughter, I'm totally used to the crying.

  8. Awww! I wouldn't like the snow either. Even if it's calorie free. Looks gorgeous though. Both snow and Kaye!

  9. I feel the same way about the snow! That chevron onesie & cowgirl boot ensemble is fantastic, I wish I could get away with wearing a similar look to the office!

  10. So cute.

    My youngest son cried all of the time. At one point my husband had a mantra "never ever shake a baby" practically tattooed on his hand. His cry was the most annoying, dramatic cry. When he screamed in public, people would give me dirty looks. Luckily, he grew out of it and has since been delightful, even as a teenager.

  11. We are expecting almost 4 inches over the next two days which is unheard of in SC. Kaye is adorable and I love the boots!

  12. I was eyeing the love once piece and thought that maybe, just maybe, my Liam could pull it off until I saw the puffy shoulder... I WILL have a girl one day! Liam absolutely loves the snow, but it took him a few times outside to really get into it. Now he's begging to play in it the second he wakes up!

  13. I adore her Valentine's outfit and would like one in my size! So cute!

  14. Cute cute cute! Made me smile :) There is something about that belly in the one-piece. Also I loved all of the outfits she had on - she's a little fashionista in the making!

  15. OH MY GOODNESS. Those little cowgirl boots?! I die.

  16. Sorry the crying pics are hilarious. Like the world is ending! Poor girl! I'm not a big fan of falling in the snow either. I hear you, little girlfriend.

    Her outfits are adorable and I especially love her cowgirl boots.

  17. Could she be any cuter in those long john pjs?! The crying is too precious, maybe not to your ear drums though. Poor girl just wanted to play, not fall.

  18. This post brought me tons of smiles! I'm so happy I finally got a chancee to check out your blog. Gosh, she's adorable. The onesie is my favorite but that crying pic gave me a much needed laugh! I'll definitely be following :)


  19. She is a d o r a b l e!!!

  20. Oh. My. God. She is AH-dorable! That belly in that onesie. I might have just gotten baby fever for about .2 seconds ;)

  21. She is so cute!! Especially in those adorable one-pieces!

  22. At 15 months they must decide it's time to throw themselves on the floor and cry their little eyes out. It doesn't even phase us anymore, especially after the 16th fit of the day. No big deal. Haha. Good thing they're so damn cute! I love Kaye's one piece!

  23. she is so cute! i love that love onesie. and i used to hate when addilyn cried but Now that she has started the protest crying when I take something away - it doesn't make me quite as sad and I need to get it on camera!

  24. That love outfit is adorable! And those crying pictures, love them :)

  25. Oh man, in the mitten we had over 50 inches just in January. I'm going NUTS being inside with little ones! Totally random but where did you get your gate? We are moving and I want to get rid of all the mismatched baby gates and put up nice ones that "go with the house" as much as baby gates can "go" with a house ;)

  26. So cute! I love how you kept taking pics as she was crying. I did it to my boys all the time too!


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