February 19, 2014

inspiration board | for a very fine gal + her groom

i know a gal. and she's one of the best.

if you can believe it…i can be pre-tty…oh, what's the word? bitchy. yes, that's it. bitchy.

only sometimes.

but this gal, she just knows exactly how to put me right back in my place.

and that my friends…that's special.

i certainly don't think it's "special" at that particular moment.

more so like i want shoot her a dirty look and play a quick game of passive-aggressive.

i'm a real sweetheart.

i digress…she's one of the best. she's also getting married this summer.

there have been all sorts of ideas tossed around. two venue changes. multiple color pallets. a wedding dress here…a wedding dress there.

i thought i'd snazzy up a board for my gal in hopes of creating a clearer picture of what she wants for her (and his) big day.

true to form…she's not in love with the board. there are some images that need to be adjusted to represent an evening summer cocktail party. don't worry gal. i'll get it done for you!

but how could i not post this board? i think it's lovely.

mood | late summer, simplistic preppy

colors | ivory, greens, navy, natural wood + golden lighting

row 1 | dress // envelope // whiskey // tie
row 2 | wine // artichokes // cork // chair
row 3 | j.crew // berryhill // cake // boutonnieres
row 4 | suit (that's jake gyllenhaal, i just cropped his face off. swoon.)

as always…i'm taking requests!

are you planning a party? a wedding? a shower?

i'd just love to toss around ideas with you to create your own custom board to help you pull off a beautiful celebration!

e-mail me HERE.



  1. The fickle bride (good blog name, no?)February 19, 2014

    The only lie I see here is that I don't love what you have going. I do, I do! (Practicing my vows). You are a lean, mean, board-making machine. Thanks boo!

  2. I for one love this pin-tage. Its exactly my wedding colors/theme we even did navy bridesmaids dress and tan tux's :) thanks for linking up

  3. So pretty! I love the earthy feel :) Xx.

  4. Loving the green. I am well into teal at the moment so any shade of blue/green is fine by me! Also, that cake loks awesome - I wouldn't be sharing with my guests hahah!! Sshh!!
    Good job!
    Missy xx

  5. Love it. Very classic, with old world charm. Love the new look too. I am trying to catch up for vacation so I am a little late. :)

  6. I love these boards. Great job and the colors are great. Although I love artichokes!!

  7. This board is so darn cute! I'm loving all the colors ♥

  8. Oh its beautiful! I totally get it though, I was a beast when I was engaged! Every time my then-fiance heard someone say "If you can survive wedding planning you can survive a marriage, thats for sure!" He would shoot me a pointed look and I would have to sheepishly admit that I kind of sucked.

  9. I'm just really happy you called yourself "bitchy"....admitting it is the first step girlfriend. =)

    Ok kidding. Geesh.

    Loving this board. Very preptastic. And are those artichokes? Yum.


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