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February 07, 2014

5 | my most favorite posts

oh you sweet thangs. i really just love writing this blog here.

i especially love to go back and read posts here and there and relive the memories like they were yesterday.

it's really what makes blogging pretty outstanding.

so…i'm bringing it today with my five most favorito posts.

1 | that one day when i really did have a baby

2 | it's hot in texas 

i'm not even sure why this one was a reader favorite…but it is by far one of the most viewed blog posts i've written…in turn that makes it one of my most favorite. plus my farmer is in a speedo drinking a beer. so why not?

3 | kaye turned one

4 | that one time i found mice in my running shoe

5 | never wax yourself

as it goes each and every friday…linking up!

24 comments on "5 | my most favorite posts "
  1. Isn't being able to look back at life captured one of the best parts of blogging? Looking forward to checking out some of your fave posts here ;) Happy Friday, girl! XO.

  2. Haha, I love it! Going to check them all out now!

  3. The speedo...too funny! Though he pulls it off. I wax my own eyebrows so i am interested to read that one. Happy Friday!

  4. So sweet. One of the main reasons I wanted to start blogging was to remember life's moments--all of them, big + small! Can't wait to go back and read yours :) Happy Friday! Xx.

  5. such a fun glad you did this! Can't wait to check them all out! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. The speedo pic cracks me up! I’d love it if you’d share this at my link party, going on now!

  7. Hi there! I found you on the link up today...Ah jeez, I can't wait to read about why not to wax yourself! haha!
    Have a great weekend,

  8. what a great idea!! can't wait to check them out!!

    you can find me blogging about "Life on the Parsons Farm" :

  9. It has to be the speedo! That is so funny that it's one of your most viewed posts.

    Okay, Kaye in that dress has to be the cutest thing ever!

    Happy friday lady!

  10. You are so right about number 5. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!

  11. guilty, i've read them all prior to you posting this and knew the funny stories behind them! ;)

  12. This is a great Five on Friday idea that I might have to borrow. I will have to catch up on all of them this weekend!

  13. I put together a post like this yesterday! Great minds and all :)

    1. I should add, one of my all time most viewed posts is about my kid not wanting to use the toilet. What's up with that??

  14. adorable blog! thank you for finding mine ;) have a fabulous weekend!

  15. hahah! love this! also that picture of your husband--hilarious!!

  16. Bahaha you have me cracking up! Does your farmer know you put that picture up? I put one picture up FOREVER ago of the backside of my husband and he was all to pieces because it wasn't the best angle! Diva!

  17. I love this! Can't wait to follow along and read more of your adventures! :)

  18. Hahaha love this!!! how did you get the hubby in a speedo, good work girl. Not sure I could get Nick in one, but I may have to try. Maybe I will slip it into his suitcase for our trip and remove his other swimming trunks. =)

    And can we just say how beautiful you look in that giving birth pic...damnit woman, you should look disheveled and hideous like the rest of us...or like I did.

  19. How perfect- I've just discovered your blog, and now I get a real good introduction by way of your favorite posts!

  20. As a new reader of your blog I love this as I've been able to easily go back to your faves. And your post on waxing yourself rang so true to me. Awful awful.

  21. bahaha, #2 is probably a favourite because that picture is amazingly hilarious =) High five to your hubby for being man enough to be in a speedo and to let you post it!


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