January 14, 2014

when you can tear your farmer away from the farm...

if and when you come across the rare and elusive opportunity to snatch your farmer away from the farm…what should you do?

you drive far. far far away. far enough that it's not easy for him to escape.

and that's just what we did.

amy (from the farmer's wife) and i snagged the children and the farmers and escaped to the mountains for seven glorious snow-filled, hot springs-swimming, snickers bar-eating, massage-getting days.

as of now…we're only on day four.

today's excursion included a visit to a snow filled playground where death-defying stunts were performed by babies and their fathers.

she loves this trick. i'm never sure whether to be impressed and amused or whimpering and afraid.

it always ends up being a combination of the above.

when i saw amy's farmer bend down at the top of the slide i thought he was just checking to make sure their oldest boy made it down…but then i heard him yell, "is his head clear?!"

they then performed a perfect seal-slide. with a slight walrus hump to get out of the tube.

farmers always make outings a little more exciting.


  1. Such wonderful pics!!! YAY for family fun pics in the snow!!! xx

  2. this looks like a blast! yay for a family day (and double yay for family day in the SNOW!) - what a beautiful family you have.

  3. I loooove that pic of you and Kaye in the snow. Her face is beyond cute!!! Keep having too much fun!

  4. So glad you are having a fun snowy getaway!

  5. That's great that you got him away from the farm! I can totally relate growing up in a farming family and my best friend being married to a farmer who rarely ever leaves the farm. She lives life the same way, grab any chance you get and get him as far away as possible!!! Love the snow pictures and enjoy your next 3 days farm free!

  6. How wonderful! I can't imagine getting my farmer away for seven days! that would be heavenly!

  7. Oh my that sounds amazing!

  8. I love these pictures! I have been missing the snow, we have not had any this winter!!
    XO, Jennie

  9. Oh my word! Looks like the most fun ever! I love adventures in the snow, as long as I'm bundled up!! :)

  10. What stands out to me most while checking out your post is the fact I'm smiling. I love images, even if only on the interwebs, that make the day a little brighter. The happiness you all share is infectious because this blogger right here is grinning from ear to ear. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Keep it Sassy & Classy,

  11. Let's just say I'm loving K's pjs in the first pic...super cute! And looks like you guys are having a blast on your getaway! I'm not married to a farmer, but I'm a farmer's daughter so I know time away is HUGE. Enjoy it!


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