January 27, 2014

love canvas // by kaye

as a person with a child, i can now fully appreciate just how cute it is to put said child's handprints and footprints all over the walls.

as a matter of fact, i think they are so sweet i want to mass produce these suckers and send them to just about everyone i know.

i think the appreciation would be lost in translation.

again…kaye and i were pinteresting around and we found some adorable valentine art and we just knew that we could do better. 

and so we did, because that's what we do.

(it's only better because i say it's better...and because kaye cried during the whole process…so sweat and tears went into this one.)

the project is suuuper simple. just grab your washable paints and some canvas…and your patience. 

also, make sure your toddler is occupied while you create your masterpiece.

you didn't think kaye had anything to do with this, did you?

i blended red and white to get the light pink in the center of the canvas.

then i added a smidgen of brown to get the purple-pink at the bottom.

i'm practically a blending mastermind.

while that was drying, i had visions of grandeur involving kaye and her sweet fingers dipped in red and pink.

those dreams were crushed when she immediately started eating the paint…again.

(that's my fingerpainting…i figured if i showed her my enthusiasm she would follow suit. no.)

after her tears started to smear the pink and red paint down her cheek i packed up shop for a few days.

then i needed something to blog about, so we finished bright and early this morning.

and she looooves it.

except for when she cried with each print of her hand and feet.

note // my farmer thinks it looks like her blood is smeared on this canvas. 

he's right…figuratively.


  1. Such a fun idea! I love them!


  2. Love it! Although my little one is slightly older (2), I think if I tried with her it would end up in tears as well!

  3. these type gifts are my fave :) Ive learned through some of the most difficult financial seasons in our life... that these are truly the priceless gifts that are cherished more than anything else!!

  4. New follower here :) That LOVE canvas is such a cute idea, may have to steal! I had to laugh because my son seriously cried every time his hands or feet touched paint, until he was 3, now he loves it.

  5. What an adorable craft!! I am dropping in from last Friday's link up & I love your little corner of the blogesphere! Excited to get to know you & your family!
    Happy Monday!

  6. I love this! You guys did so good, well let's be honest, YOU did so good. You should give yourself a treat. nevermind I saw your IG tonight, your treat was that ice cold beer. Ok I'm done stalking you now.

  7. This is great! thanks for sharing:)


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