January 31, 2014

i love to party || party boards

my name is karli…and i'm obsessed with parties.

i really love them.

the details. the planning. the execution.

the problem?

i'm not the best hostess. i struggle with time-management and procrastination.

i need more practice…plain and simple.

so until people start knocking down my door (or filling my inbox) with requests to organize and execute their soiree, i'll settle for putting together my little inspiration boards that my farmer constantly makes fun of.


1 || be mine blushing bride

i started collecting these pictures to inspire a sweet valentine's day party. but when i looked at the collection i knew it would be the perfect combination of pinks, blushes, and reds for something slightly fancier. girly wedding, anyone?

2 || party in pink…and gold

this board was created for a sweet gal who was getting ready to celebrate her 21st. what does every 21 year old need? a killer outfit (nothing says "it's my 21st like a gold dress) and enough champagne to dance on a table.

3 || ski shower for a winter bebe

i was thrilled to make this little board for a gal and her guy who are very near and dear to farmer and me. their baby boy (jack) has since arrived and he's cuter than cute. we've only seen him once because kaye has been permanent sick this winter (four times, back to back)…but as soon as she's well…we'll be in the big city knocking down their door…uninvited. it's what we do.

4 || plaid + pink = perfect

this board was made for a little gal turning one! when her mom sent me the e-mail telling me her idea for a plaid and pink winter party i knew i liked the idea of it. red plaid and pink is not a combination you think of. but throw in some hot cocoa, rustic touches, and gold tones…you have yourself a super-sweet 1st birthday.

5 || sophisticated sweet 16

a dear friend's daughter turned 16 several months ago and the mom wanted to throw her a sophisticated party as a surprise. it had to be sophisticated because this 16 year old has some serious style. she's also just about the prettiest, kindest teenager i've ever met. it's true. 

oh! are you inspired? would you like your very own party consultation + inspiration board? well…i'd be happy to help!

baby shower? wedding? birthday party? bridal shower?

just shoot me an e-mail at FARMER & the BELL with your basic thoughts and we'll go from there!

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  1. My party planning board on Pinterest is all filled up and I have no parties to plan! It makes me a little sad! Looove the pink and plaid theme. Happy Friday!

  2. The plaid and pink is so cute for a winter birthday! Love the blue too. Great combo of colors, those would be fun parties!

  3. "hi. my name is Rod. And I like to party."

    But seriously. Me too. Party planning is like my favorite thing ever. Come to find out.

  4. I la-la-LOVE these boards!! I have started making a bunch for Ellie's first birthday! Her color scheme is Coral, Mint and Gold. I am digging the mason jars, tassel garlands, paper straws, french macaroons, and that pink ombre cake!!

    I haven't really planned a party since my wedding (5 years ago) but I think this is going to be a bash!! Also I am loving that last board (my 30th birthday is coming up - I'm a St. Patricks Day baby) it's is perfect!

  5. Hey Karli! So glad you stopped by my blog earlier and to have met you in blog land! You're just the cutest! Can't wait to see what you've got shakin'.
    The "drink champagne and dance on the table" sign was designed with me in mind, by the way! ;-) And I need you to tell my hubby that I want a pink and gold 40th bday party because I'm slightly obsessed.
    Happy weekend, girlie!

  6. Love your eye for style in the party boards that you put together! And I may need that mug of hot chocolate from your winter party board RIGHT NOW!

  7. I LOVE the color combination in the first board! I had a spring wedding and one of our colors was blush pink, so that is right up my alley. So pretty and makes me ready for spring!

  8. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! You will love that taco dip :) glad to have found another great blog like yours to read

  9. Your boards are amazing! Seriously! You have a gift. I just found your blog {from your comment on mine} and I can't wait to look around some more! I'm adding your blog to my bloglovin now. :)

  10. I absolutely love all of your ideas! I am so obsessed with gold lately! We will be having our baby shower in May and I definitely want my main color scheme to blend with Gold! Your awesome girl!

    XO, Brooke


  11. I love a good party, or at least dreaming them up! These all look so fun, my procrastination kicks in when carrying out my party dreams so thank you for the inspiration! :)

  12. I love #2! I'm already planning my babies one year and I'm thinking something along those lines… even thought thats still 10 months away… :)

  13. I love it! You always do such a fabulous job with your party boards! I am thinking I will be pulling inspiration from boards 1&2 for my sisters bridal shower! (Which is fitting because the fiesta board was the surprise birthday turned engagement that you helped me with!)

  14. love every board! you are so great at that! the pink and gold is my favorite...beautiful! hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I love planning parties--it's so fun coming up with themes and putting everything together...but I actually really like the hosting part, too!

  16. I think my fave is pink/gold, but I also love plaid....and the purple sweet 16...Ok I LOVE them all! You are SO good at this!


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