January 06, 2014

be mine blushing bride inspiration board

well, what with the holidays over and all…i guess it's time to start thinking about valentine's day???????

i've never been one to get into valentine's day.

don't get me wrong…i wanted to be into it. but...

this is probably because i rarely had a valentine. 

scratch that.

this is because i never had a valentine. and if i did have a valentine he was probably a b-hole and had some b-hole excuse as to why he didn't celebrate it.

which then led me down a path called passive-aggressive

let's just say i've come a long way. anyway…

i fully intended on doing a cute little valentine's day party inspiration board, but when the pictures all came together it was a beautiful mix of peaches // blushes // reds and // roses…and isn't it just lovely?

it's lovely.

mood // warm and sweet

colors // peach, blush, red, rose

row 1: envelope // dish // dress
row 2: bottles // spoons // beverage
row 3: bouts // cherries // shirts // poms

and with the new year comes new inspiration boards. 

i'm taking requests again!

are you planning a party? a wedding? a shower?

i'd just love to toss around ideas with you and create your own custom board to help you pull off a beautiful shindig!

e-mail me here!


    Also - I adore paloma's nest!! I ordered a dish from there for our wedding! It's sitting on my dresser. I couldn't love it more!

    Happy Monday, beauty! xx

  2. Very pretty! Love the different shades of pink.

    Ps, I've never had a valentine either. What a rotten holiday! lol

  3. Beautiful! I'm not really that into valentines day either but since getting married the idea has grown on me a little!

  4. Love it! I like how soft, fun and feminine it is! This would make a lovely party!

  5. you are the CUTEST! can we please be blog BFFs?


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