December 09, 2013

one-skillet pasta (but replace the shells with quinoa)

if you know me…i'm certainly not a whiz in the kitchen.

i mean…i can clean a dish (i do all our dishes by hand).

but when it comes to making a meal, i get nervous and sweaty and anxiety-stricken.

i'd rather run five miles than make dinner.

but as of late (mostly because kaye eats so. much. food.), i've been whipping up some toddler-friendly recipes and i've been pleasantly surprised.

and if i can cram the dish into a one-skillet-wonder…that's all the better. less dishes.


(serves at least four people)

ingredients list //

  • (2) cups of finely chopped spinach
  • (1) can of diced tomatoes (mostly drained)
  • (1/2) jar of alfredo sauce (i'm sure you could make your own, but i certainly don't have time.)
  • (1) cup of quinoa boiled in
  • (1) cup of chicken stock &
  • (1) cup of water
  • (2) very unappetizing-looking chicken sausages
1// start boiling your quinoa. the typical ratio for quinoa is 1:2 (one part quinoa, two parts liquid). this will take the longest to cook.

2// dice up the sausage pretty smallish so that your toddler can easily chew the pieces. throw those into a good-sized skillet on med-high while you chop the spinach.

3// chop your spinach finely. once it is cooked down a bit it'll be easy for your toddler to munch through.

4// once your sausage is cooked, add your alfredo sauce, drained & diced tomatoes, and spinach.

5// stir it altogether and wait for your quinoa to finish up.

i'm not going to even bother your with a a picture of what this dish looks like plated. it looks absolutely terrible and so unappetizing. 

imagine a beige mush.

i'm also going to be honest and let you know that this dish is WAY better with whole grain pasta. it just is. 

but who doesn't feel a little bit healthier when quinoa is used in a dish?

the next time i attempt this i'll be adding the sixth step of pouring it into a casserole dish, topping it with some sort of finely grated cheese and baking it for twenty minutes at 350º.

i hope everyone had a nice, little weekend and didn't have to think about holiday shopping at all.

this is how kaye is feeling about all our cold weather after our california vay-cay…yay for -3 today.


  1. That recipe sounds wonderful!! I love that you added spinach. We make a spicy sausage pasta that is a one skillet wonder, too, and last night I wondered about adding spinach -- I'll have to try it now! Hope y'all are staying warm!! :)

  2. I think it sounds good. My men like anything with sausage (That sound dirty) but are not big at all on spinach. I wonder if they would not notice???

    I love the crying photo! I just pinned a funny strip of kids crying on my pint rest. It totally cracked me up.

  3. I have to hand wash our dishes too. I look about like Kaye every night when I stare at the sink.

  4. Kaye is so adorable. Even crying.

  5. This looks awesome, I will have to try this for sure the next night Manfriend lets me cook. Which may be awhile since I like to blow things up and start small fires. Honestly I try so hard and still turn everything to charcoal. However, this look good enough to risk a stovetop fire. Happy Cooking.

    Keep it Sassy & Classy,

  6. Her jacket and hat! Too stinking cute!


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