December 18, 2013

gettin' christmas crafty on the farm

you know how it goes.

you see something on pinterest and know that you can pull it off like gangbusters…and it'll probably be even better than that lame crap someone else pinned because you are doing it. and you are awesome. 

yay! enthusiasm! i love it!

well…maybe i don't go into my crafts with that much enthusiasm…and maybe i give kaye a little more credit than a 13 month old should get.

(i definitely give her more credit than she should get.) 

girlfriend has attitude. anyway…

i saw some mistletoes all over pinterest…and what with being a sucker for christmas and all…i commissioned kaye for the dirty work. 

i grabbed an 8x10 canvas.

some washable, crayola finger paints.

stripped girlfriend down to her skivvies and let her go to town. 

no…no i did not. 

i very carefully dipped her right foot in the green paint and very delicately but firmly placed her right foot on the canvas. 

we then quickly walked to the sink and washed her foot.

we repeated that exact process with the left foot, and that was that. 

we had our mistletoes

our second project was some simple finger painting. girlfriend took to it like it was old hat. 

i'll let her painting do the talking…mmmmk?

girlfriend only ate one peanut butter ritz dipped in red paint. but don't worry…it's non-toxic…i checked after it looked like she had hooker red lipstick on.

on a COMPLETELY different note…i wrote a little guest post over on julie's blog today. she has an amazing series called the breastfeeding diaries

have a looky-lou should you be inclined! 


  1. I'm feeling like a slacker mom right now! Definitely need to get some canvas and let Cooper do this, I know he would have a blast! Miss Kaye is looking just as cute as ever!

  2. Those mistletoes are so cute! Why didn't I think of that when my kids' feet were cute, small and not stinky. We have men's size 11 and 13(EEK!) shoes on those growing boys right now and there is no way I'm going near those stink bombs now!
    By the way, stop by my blog this week. I'm giving away a gorgeous scarf courtesy of Fresh Produce!

  3. the footprint mistletoe is adorable!!! Such a great memory!!!

  4. Lol @ hooker red lipstick. You definitely have to put on your brave and laid back pants to enjoy crafting with littles! I love your paintings. I have high hopes for handprint ornaments this year.....but who knows if that will actually happen.

  5. Ahhh, super cute. I'm making one of those for my sister and bil with my niece and nephew's prints. I think they are adorable.

  6. Ahh I must not be on pinterest enough, I haven't seen this idea! So cute. I just did some reindeer feet today. I love canvas crafts!

  7. So cute! I'm gonna go get me a canvas and have Ellie make mistletoes!!


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