November 28, 2013

you're going to need a siesta after this fiesta

hi friends!

it's that time again.

today i get to share with you a fun little inspiration board that has party party written all over it…figuratively.

what do you get when you have:

taco bar + margaritas + mariachi tunes = a super awesome party that i want to go to.

i received a little e-mail from a gal earlier this week regarding a surprise birthday party. she has loads of details already worked out, but wasn't quite sure what DIY decor they were going to go for.

and i say, what can't be solved with some mexican blankets, sombreros, and margaritas?

answer: anything can be solved with a delicious margarita. most anything.

lily - thank you so much for sharing your party idea with me! i'm still looking for glorious DIY's and i'll be sending my faves your way!

mood: fiesta flare

colors: a whole-lotta bright

row 1: sombreros // limes // invite // flowers
row 2: margaritas // cupcakes // poms // pinatas
row 3: tag

e-mail your party requests my way!

e-mail HERE.


  1. Fiestas are my fave! Mini tacos, seven layer dip, nachos = YUM!! We held a fiesta last year and made mustache straws for guests, such a cute touch! How to is here:

  2. Oh and the party results are here:


  3. I have never been to a fiesta, but I really love Taco Bell;)

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We will be using all of the great ideas you thought up!

  5. So fun --- we threw a "First Fiesta" for Jackson's first birthday and it was hands down, the favorite party I've ever done.

    And I agree.... a margarita (or 3) can fix most anything! :)


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