November 15, 2013

happy weekend…i need a cocktail


(that's how my grandma used to answer the phone. since she's not with us anymore…i'm bringing it back.)

we've got a fiver goin' on up in here.

ONE //
every day has been a battle as of late. i DESPERATELY want to decorate for christmas, but i feel like i need to wait until the 20th of november…at least. i checked our radio station yesterday to see if the christmas music was playing yet…it's not.

but this time of year often reminds me of when my farmer and i were living in our sweet little trailer and i decorated a little corner. we didn't have a tree. we didn't have a kid. it was a simpler time.

and then we got a house, tree, AND a kid…a lot can change in one year. yowza.

TWO //
speaking of christmas…i spied this little number from p. barn and i almost bought it. as in…i was taking it off the wall at the store. but then i realized it was $120-something and i pumped those brakes and thought, "i can MAKE this."

so i'm going to make it…and won't that make a great blog post.


my farmer is kind of killing it these days. he surprised kaye and me with these little carhartt overalls. and when our little miss has her overalls on…he'll put on his matching carhartt pants. it really is the best.


speaking of my farmer and best gal, he took her on a daddy/daughter getaway last night and to wake up this morning at 7:30 am was the most amazing gift. (granted i woke up at 4:30 am to phantom crying, but quickly went back to sleep.)

so since my farmer and gal were away i ate chocolate chip cookies and popcorn for dinner. i woke up feeling like complete b-hole. won't be doing that again.

i have yet to post anything about kaye's little birthday party, but here's a preview. she was the cutest, little, leopard-print kitty-cat ever. it took three days to get the eyeliner whiskers off.

i hope you all have a nice little weekend!

last thing. a bit of business, really.

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  1. Cute blog!! Thanks for visiting mine- and I look forward to reading more about you!

  2. Those overalls are so sweet, love that daddy matches. Cute sign, but definitely make-able. Wowza 120.

  3. Hi there! Stopping by from 5 on Friday! Happy Birthday to your little lady! My daughter turned one on Nov. 2!

  4. Oh my goodness! Baby K is those overalls are to die for.

    Can't wait for your peace sign blog post ;)

  5. Love that peace sign! Do a tutorial for the crafty-challenged people like moi because I really want one too!

    Daddy daughter getaway? Dad of the year! Where did they go to?

    Annnd lastly, can't wait to see more of her birthday party!! Can't believe she's already one!

  6. Love the "yell-o" You should bring it back! In fact, I think we should all bring back the amazing things our grandma's would say. Mine were/are the two coolest ladies I know :)

  7. Adorable pictures. Your farmer sounds amazing and quite frankly I am jealous!! Someday mine will come home from work. LOL.

  8. My dad answers the phone with "blue, I mean yell-o". Cracks my stuff up!

  9. Those overalls are ADORABLE. I'm dying! What a difference a year makes;) I'm SO excited for Christmas this year but I'm trying to contain myself lol

  10. SUCH sweet pics!! hope your weekend is off to a lovely start!! xx

  11. Love the photos, your daughter is adorable.
    I think I should join.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. I love love those overalls!! she looked like an adorable kitty can't wait to see the rest of the photos! A night alone? HEAVEN!


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