November 12, 2013

kaye turned ONE

on october 30th my little, sass-face of a gal turned one.

i cannot, 100%, absolutely no way, believe it.

wtfrick did this year go?

enough about my shock and awe. let's talk about miss miss.

it all started here…the day we met our very best gal.

here i am at 5:00 am, 11 days overdue, october 30th, 2012.

then about 13 hours later…there she was in our arms.

and i busted out the ugly cry…because that's what you do when you realize your life has changed forever.


and wouldn't you know it…the hospital people let us take her home. 

scary is not the right word to describe this feeling i was feeling and still feel on occasion.

and she was like…the MOST beautiful baby.

a real stunner.

this picture absolutely kills me. i laugh every. single. time.

send her back is what i should have been thinking. but mostly i would just gawk at her. stunned.

and of course we had two bird studio come out and take her pictures.

but as she grew she went through so many phases.

there was the chewing on everything phase:

the party-on-the-boat-summer phase:

she crawled for a hot second. well…she crawled for like a month and decided that was for the birds.

walking was much more her style.

and throughout it all…she got much cuter.

much happier.

and much sassier. so sassy.

and then the day came…she turned a year old.

again, we had two bird studio capture our turtle.

they do such a fine job. i'm in love with the pictures. in love.

she's pretty fantastic.

in a year i've settled in on two nicknames: girlfriend…but mostly i call her turtle. she definitely thinks her name is turtle.

i made this little board with every intention of setting it up at her party. that was a fail. a good friend printed out the poster for us on special paper and everything. fail.

but at least i have this PDF as a reminder of all her glorious stats.

this year has been absolutely the best of my life…and i'll speak for my farmer too. he's loved every minute he spends with his little gal. she's pretty head over heels for him too.

i can't wait to see what our turtle has in store for us this coming year.


  1. Oh my goodness! YOU are too cute. Your baby girl is too cute! Your family it too cute. OH and your blog is too cute! Now that I have that out of the way I can say I look forward to reading more cuteness :)

  2. Awww- so sweet! Happy (belated) bday to lil miss Turtle!!

  3. LOL "whines like her mom" She is precious regardless! My daughter will be 6 months this month and I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It goes so fast!

  4. What a beautiful journey...thanks for sharing!!!

  5. what a wonderful celebration post! The first year is so great!! Happy Birthday Baby Farmer Bell!

  6. I love this post! Everything about it! That Kaye is one cute little one year old. Love the pdf that you forgot to put out, I must add that to my list of printables for Aria's bday - I might remember to put it out. Also, I can't believe how fantastic you look 11 days overdue.

  7. Happy happy birthday sweet girl :)

  8. So sweet! What a great little capture of her first year :) Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  9. I love that board of firsts! Totally saving this post for my LO 2nd birthday bc 6 months is gonna fly! :)

  10. Love this post and your words!

  11. those eyes!! It's so much fun (and a bit sad) watching them grow up!!! Can't they stay little forever!?

  12. Love love love this post! She is absolutely adorable! And the print is gorgeous...oops on the fail =)

  13. Awwh Happy Belated Birthday! She is too precious!

  14. Kaye is seriously the most adorable little girl...


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