November 25, 2013

christmas list // the bell

so…i've been thinking about my list for awhile.

i was having a hard time coming up with anything that i actually wanted. i'm a bit of an impulse purchaser…so if i see it in front of my face…that's when i know i want it.

actually having to plan a list of wants? that's cray.

but once the want-juices (that kind of sounds disgusting) got flowing i couldn't stop.

bell's 2013 christmas wish list //

find them here //

farmer and baby wish lists 2013 coming soon...


  1. I know how you feel. When someone asks me what I want I can't think of anything but once I am online I can think of a million things I want!

  2. you definitely need htat chair! it's amazing!

  3. Love those sneakers! And that chair! Also, I love Ray Bans but they look RIDICULOUS on me!

  4. Laughing at want-juices.

    Those fruit baskets are adorably necessary!

    I had the same feeling coming up with a Christmas wish list the other week. I was like um I want for nothing!!! oh I mean all the things...


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