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November 14, 2013

a very rustic // cozy // plaid // 1st birthday board

first of all…thank you so so much for sending me your party ideas and allowing me to creatively interpret your words/ideas. i've loved it so much.

i mean…when my farmer is harvesting corn all hours of the evening…a girl's gotta find something to occupy her time…right?

(please note that there are about one-trillion things i can think of to do on the farm at any given time…but i really enjoy the party inspiration schtuff.)

with that said…keep those e-mails coming!

you can e-mail me your party requests HERE.

and even if you don't want a board done and just want to shoot ideas back and forth…i'm happy to do that too!

with that…the latest inspiration board.

i received an e-mail from a gal who also has a little gal (just about the same age as kaye) who was looking for a board for her first birthday. she was thinking plaid and rustic…and she loved the idea of a hot cocoa bar…and i'm ALL FOR any beverage that requires whipped cream. or any beverage you can put bailey's in.

i was into this idea. i love plaid and i love rustic. but how do you  make it look just right for a first birthday?

it was a struggle, but i finally came up with this:

mood: rustic // cozy

colors: cranberry // pink // glow (is that a color?) // wood

row 1: chalkboard // macarons // apples //cranberries
row 2: cakepops // paper // antlers // hot cocoa
row 3: marshmallows // washi // cider // straws // 1

my next board is right around the corner…as in i think i'll do two next week to keep up with your requests. i'm feeling pretty loved via zee blog these days.

thank you again for all your sweetness.

have a great thursday, y'all…because it's almost friday. and friday's rock.
3 comments on "a very rustic // cozy // plaid // 1st birthday board"
  1. Love this idea for a birthday party! Too cute and rustic for a little girl? Perfect!

  2. Going crazy over this! So much cuteness!

  3. Hopefully I can pull off something as cute! Thanks again for brainstorming up some inspiration for me.


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