November 20, 2013

a surprise announcement

well. i've been holding this little nugget of information in for a few months now and i'm finally so excited to share it.

that's right. i'm NOT pregnant. thank god. i don't know what i would do if i was.

but several months ago amy (over at {the farmer's wife}) was playing around with the lighting and also shooting some family pics when she asked me to "stand there."

so we had some fun with it.

and you know what…as much fun as my real pregnancy shoot was…this one was WAY more fun.

like pee your pants funny.

i encourage any and all to participate in your own fake pregnancy shoot.

happy wednesday.


  1. Oh you had me laughing. I'm thinking right after dinner a fake pregnancy photo shoot wouldn't look so fake on me...uh oh.

  2. That was so mean. Like really really mean. Glad you had some fun at your dear reader's expense ;)

  3. LOL too funny. New follower here, adorable blog Hope you have a fabulous weekend ❤

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  4. OMG you're hilarious!!! Thanks for the good chuckle!


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