October 07, 2013

worst day ever

i hate to start the week off negative-style but i have some terrible news.

i'll just put it right out there.

our turtle has dropped her morning nap and it makes me so sad. kind of like i need to mourn it.

i would use that hour and a half to go for a run. or write a blog post. or drink coffee. or take a shower and try and look decent for the day.

i thrive with a schedule. so now that turtle is changing things up i'm going to have to refigure things.

goodbye morning nap. i'll miss you. (sob sob sob)

on another note...i have kind of gone into crazy mode for my gal's birthday.

1. i snazzied up this practice smash-cake. i am pretty pleased with how it turned out and i think i'll be even more impressed with round two. i have to make another one because the weather was total crap-balls the day she was supposed to get pictures taken. farmer and i proceeded to eat the entire cake in one sitting. ouch.

2. i also got to work on a little chalkboard poster with all her one year stats. i am in NO way illustrator-savvy, but with what i do know i was able to come up with this:

long story short...i took this picture of my other computer because my new laptop doesn't have illustrator on it. i have this poster printed out. i'm going to put a stiff backer on it and it shall also serve as a photo prop.

3. prepare yourself for something disgusting. you see...we out her in farm-land deal with a little something called EXTREMELY HARD WATER. this water will turn your blond-dyed hair brass-colored and your toilets orange. no matter how hard you scrub them with a brush...they will be perpetually disgusting-looking. i literally hated going to the bathroom.

well...i concocted a little solvent called a-jax, bleach, vinegar, and a pumas stone. i knew that if that didn't get my toilet clean...maybe it would blow it up.

i poured each of those items into the toilet bowl and let it sit for 24 hours.

this is what our toilet looked like after those 24 hours:

enough to make you puke...right? am i right?!! i'm right.

then i added a little more of this and proceeded to scrub for nothing short of 40 minutes. seriously, one toilet took me 40 minutes.

well...this is what both our toilets look like today:

it's very glamorous this farm life i live.

let's get back to the water out here. can you believe that's what it does to our toilets?

luckily we don't drink this water. or cook with it. we have our water delivered.

or else i'm pretty sure our teeth would look like our toilets. or we wouldn't have teeth. which is worse?

i probably should have dedicated an entire post to my toilets, but we'll stop in a minute.

just let it be known that i am EXTREMELY proud of my pumas-scrubbed toilets and i've now resolved to pumas-scrub them quarterly.

no more scary toilets on the farm.

okay...happy beginning of the week. enjoy yourselves.


  1. Beautiful cake! Okay...I have to warn you...hang in there for the 2 to 1 nap transition. I've been pulling my hair out for three weeks because our 12.5 month old was starting to drop the morning nap, but this week he's been needing it again. It's a slow and arduous process, which freaks me out because I like to know what our days will look like. I don't imagine he will fully go to one nap for another month or two. Secondly, I made a faux chalk board sign for my son, too! I just wrote a post about it yesterday...pop on over and check it out if you have time! -Andrea www.handandtheheart.com :)

  2. Naps are so tricky and every LO is so different... Mine starting dropping her afternoon nap around 13mo and after 3 weeks I stopped fighting her and worked on moving her to 1 nap - well guess what? It was what she needed! She went from 2 1hour naps to 1 2.5-3.5hr nap and sleeping a little later in the mornings (about 50% of the time). What i'll say is there's no magic answer - just try to read your little one and figure out what's best for both of you and you'll get there.

  3. Oh the nap-dropping debacle! We went through this around the exact same age and I was NOT ready--but little miss apparently was. While some days I definitely miss that time in the morning, I really do like having the freedom & flexibility that one nap gives you. We have all of our fun in the morning and then relax in the afternoon :)

    And seriously, the smash cake!!!! Amazing!

  4. Oh my goodness, that was an informational post.

    First, your cake and your poster are amazing!
    Second, sorry about the nap. My oldest son used to be a great napper. My little one never napped for long. It made a big difference on my love for each of them (JUST KIDDING)
    Naps are the best. Hope she keeps the afternoon one for a long time

    Last, I am really sorry for your orange toilets. I can't even imagine. I guess all that land and nature has some downside :(

  5. Aria is dropping her second nap so we are in figure-things-out land right now too. So 'fun' figuring out how her new schedule will fall. But, I am sure it will be more enjoyable having more time to do things instead of worrying about two naps. That is what I am telling myself anyway.

    And, you are right those orange toilets are terrible! You poor thing. I would hate that.

  6. Noooooooo, Avery is 8 months and I am dreading the day she drops her morning nap. AHHHH. Also, I'm making a similar chalkboard for her 1st birthday party! Yes, I'm already planning haa :-)

  7. C is in the process of dripping a nap and its terrrrrrrible.
    We are on a well and have terrible water too. Do you have a water softener? Adding a filter helped with the rust build up too. The best toilet cleaner I have found is "the works". Its the cheapest stuff ever but It makes rust disappear when I put it in the bowl. Lysol and other expensive brands don't work. Ive been using the target brand lately, and its been working ok, but i've been staying on top of the rust problem.

  8. Thank you SO much for shining a light on your toilet! I live in rural Oklahoma and we have extremely hard water too. Our toilets have always been a pain in the butt (har har) to clean! I'm so relieved to know it's not just us. Thanks for helping me feel better about my commode. :)

  9. The cake and poster look great! I want illustrator so badly! Also, 40 minutes spent scrubbing a toilet, I hope it stays white for awhile!


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