October 17, 2013

wedding inspiration

o. m. god. i tried my hand at a little wedding inspiration board tonight and they are difficult.

like...really tricky.

first you have to pick a feel you're going for.

then you have to pick colors.

then you have to hunt down one trillion pictures and start to place them so that they all kind of make sense to create a little story that you're trying to portray with just images.

not to mention you have to organize all these images you're finding by color or whatever organizational system you've decided on AND make sure you're keeping track of sources.

good luck.

i had this idea because i just love parties. i love weddings the most. i thought it would be easy.

and maybe it'll get easier if i decide to do more and more and more and more. but after the amount of time it took me to put this one together...it's not looking good.

colors: navy, brown, ivory
mood: rustic romance

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven
let's hope the next one isn't a brain-buster.


  1. I loooove those colors together. The contrast of navy/ivory and navy/gold is so gorgeous I think! I have no idea how to pull things together and make them work so you're one step ahead of me ;)

  2. I for one love it! I'm glad I got married before I had any idea what pinterest was though.

  3. I got married pre-Pinterest, which is probably a good thing. We had enough arts & crafts goin' on without it!


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