October 18, 2013

wedding inspiration board...another one?

hey you fine folk. it's me. todd kraaaaines.

kidding. thanks keeping up with the kardashian's.

anyway. a few days ago i posted my very very first wedding inspiration board.

no, i'm not getting married. already did that once.

i just reaaaaalllly love weddings and parties and i wa-ish i could make it my full time jobby.

alas...i'll have to settle for putting together these little boards and daydream about the parties within.

anyway, so i put together my very first board (found here) and i was LITERALLY shocked. SHOCKED. with the feedback i got.

about a dozen e-mails and even a few comments regarding the board and their liking for it.

(that's a lot for a girl that normally doesn't hear a lot from the readers...)

so i had a little idea. i wanted to open it up to y'all. you all.

do you have a party coming up? bridal shower, baby shower, 30th birthday, 25th wedding anniversary, baby's first birthday...wedding bells??

well, do you?

allow me to brainstorm with you. i'd love to.

shoot me an e-mail and/or leave a comment with a few details. (color ideas, mood/feel you're shooting for, the actual event...you get the idea.) i'll take it from there!

i'll put together your very own inspiration board...custom just for you!

obvs. you don't have to use it...but it's fun and free and why the heck not?

alrighty-roo. let's get brainstorming!


and so i can link-up this fine friday...five things i plan on blogging about one day:

1. blog a new inspiration board.
2. blog about our trip to the farmstead.
3. blog about kaye's first birthday ideas which is next SATURDAY!
4. blog about the three doughnuts i ate this morning: two cake, one chocolate. oi.
5. blog about how i plan on wearing leggings most every day for all of fall and winter.


  1. I just finished my last big party for a while (bar mitzvah cruise!) but I am having a ton of people over here for a combo Thanksgiving Hannukkah party. The next time that both holidays will be celebrated together is in 70,000 years. Any ideas?

  2. I love that idea!! Planning parties is a BLAST!!! I'll definitely have to take you up on that offer someday, ma'am!

  3. i just loled at "it's meee todd kraaaines!!!" ha! YES. i feel ya girl. hilarity.

  4. I might actually be obsessed with the gold leaf pumpkin - GORGEOUS!!!!!

    ...I can't wait to have more room to host parties and plan... so fun!

  5. I love that board you put together! If I didn't already had my wedding I may be asking you for some help :) following you back!!

  6. I love this, especially the pumpkins! Where was Pinterest 4 years ago when I got married??

  7. love! I throw a kentucky derby party every year and although its a long time away might have to contact you about a party board for that one!

    ps...the todd kraaaaaines cracks me up. I just see Scott saying that and it makes me laugh!

  8. I laughed so, so hard at its me, Todd kraaaaaiinnns.

    Also I really loved your take on rustic romance! It is perfect! I assist a wedding florist and I love watching people put different spins and views on their special day! Great work! I bet with your knack for party planning & obvious great taste, that you would be great at wedding planning!

  9. Found you from Colleen's blog - You are so talented! I love throwing parties and do so on any ocassion, but don't always have the time to make them super adorable. I'll have to send you some ideas for my husband's 30th, which is coming up in December!


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