October 22, 2013

tortilla soup recipe

there are few things i really like about cooking.

mostly i just like the eating part. a lot.

so when i do whip something up with a one year old tugging at my leg, whining...it has to be fast. like...this bizz better take 10 minutes to prep and i better be able to leave it as it works its way through the cooking process.

my little gal-face is high maintenance. nothing has changed.

so...allow me to teach you how to make a delish recipe right from multiple cans. i know...sounds so appetizing.

it's pin-worthy...promise.


(2) large cans of canned chicken or
1 lb. turkey burger
(1) can diced tomatoes
(1) can tomato sauce
(1) can corn (i prefer white)
(1) can black beans
16 oz. chicken stock with
16 oz. water (the more stock you use the saltier it is...which i also prefer.)
garlic salt to taste
(1) packet of taco seasoning
(2) peppers diced
(1) onion diced (red onion is best)

alrighty...after you feel your hand cramp up from opening all those cans...just throw them all in a large pot.

dice up your peppers and onions...


rince those black beans. i've been told it's a little easier on the belly.

throw those in the pot too...obviously.

now set the heat on your stove to medium. pop a lid on it. let it cook for however long. i usually let it sit anywhere from 20 - 40 minutes. i also stir it occasionally to make sure the chicken gets nice and separated.

i'm sure there are loads of ways to make this, but i can tell you this is the recipe i stick to. my farmer loves it. my little lady loves it by the fistful (i just drain out the liquid for her bowl). and most importantly...i love it.

we garnish it up with shredded cheese, sour cream, and a few crumbled chips.

but it's still super yummy without that stuff too if you're shooting for healthy.

and people...i was questioned on this one by a few friends...trust me when i say this is a filling soup. it needs no additions. just enjoy it's glory as is.


  1. YUM! I loooove tortilla soup and make a version in my crockpot a lot. This recipe would be nice for when I don't want to wait 4-6 hours it ;) Good tip on the black beans too! Never heard that!

  2. Yum yum! Must try this. Love a good and easy soup recipe.

  3. Our littles sound exactly the same. :)

  4. I LOVE taco soup!!!!!! And it is suuuper easy

  5. I've been on the hunt for some simple soup recipes! This one will be perfect since we already have most of those canned ingredients stored already on the boat, and it shouldn't be too hard to find peppers and an onion at any port. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. This sounds delicious! I love easy recipes :)

  7. New follower here, and this recipe sounds so delicious!

  8. Loving your sweet blog! Happy to be your 300th follower! :)


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