October 24, 2013

inspiration board - old time ski shower

oh you guys!

remember last week when i posted that giant inspiration board and asked if you guys would shoot me your upcoming parties so i could make one just for you all you?

well...of the dozens of e-mails i received (seriously...dozens...i couldn't even believe it!!!) i picked one that really stood out.

this great gal is expecting a wee bebe the very first day of the new year! yay!

she explained that for their wedding they went for a vintage ski theme and i jumped right on that bandwagon.

i immediately thought fondu, poutine, merci!, bebe, and all the gloriousness that goes along with skiing such as warm hot cocoa, plaids, old wooden skis. and for pops of color i went with the winter fruit of pommegranate. not only are they the most beautiful fruit, but they sure are delish. yum.

mood: wintery, vintage ski, plaid, french baby shower inspiration board.
(i'll work on my naming.)

colors: aqua, red, natural wood

row 1: print / poms / thermos
row 2: hot cocoa / plaid / powder / wood ski
row 3: wrapped brie / merci / poms 2 / macaroons

and of course it doesn't stop here! please oh please keep sending me your upcoming shindigs! i just loved putting together this board and i would just love to do one for you and you and you!



  1. This is amazing!! I love the plaid idea!

  2. OH my word. Come plan something for me! Love all your ideas.

  3. Bell!! I just found your blog-- I love it! I saw the comment that you left on my sponsor page and followed my way over. You're a hoot! So happy I am following along now. :)

  4. These are great - can you just not only plan but execute my little's first birthday? I'm feeling overwhelmed already!!!

  5. Such cute ideas! I love it!



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