October 11, 2013

five things i'm loving

did you know you can curl your hair with a flat iron. i swear i didn't know this until i looked up "dallas cowboys cheerleader hair tutorial" on pinterest. please don't judge me.

pardon my creepy eye.

another thing i didn't know about? liquid eyeliner pens. i just bought this one. it has taken me a solid week to get used to...but i'm looking less whore-ish and more...i'm looking less whore-ish.

i went with dark brown. i dig it.

my friend made this amazing recipe for me earlier this week. she added sweet potatoes and a dash or two of nutmeg and it was stellar. as in...you should make this tonight.

slow cooker pork tenderloin recipe

these two. they kill me when they hang out together. she's a different baby around her dad than she is around me. she is just relaxed and observant with him. me? whiney and stage five clinger. it can get old real fast. 

the farmstead festival. yeah yeah. i know i live on a farm, but i'm going to travel to the big city next week to visit this place! it has pumpkin patches, corn mazes, pony rides, pig races...and most importantly? maple bacon doughnuts. i was sold at doughnuts and cider. 

i don't think i can picture a better day than munching on a maple bacon doughnut with my best gal watching the daily pig race. count me in.

as always...linkin up. 

happy friday.


  1. Good post- five solid things!! I always use my flat-iron to curl my hair! And liquid eyeliner scares the crap out of me.. I tried it once in like, junior high and about blinded myself haha!!

    Def saving that recipe too- yum yum!

  2. Girl after my own heart....I LOVE FESTIVALS!!

    And, SO glad to know my little man isn't the only one who acts differently around his daddy!

  3. I need to look up that tutorial...because every time I try it with a flat iron it looks like I straight up folded my hair and put a big crease in it...

  4. I just bought one of those tapered curling irons that you need a glove so that your hand doesn't burn. But it's AMAZING and hold my hair without hairspray.

    Also, I use liquid eye liner on the daily and I love it. Lasts all day and I rock the cat eye.

  5. I think we ought to make bets at the pig race.

    SO excited for this!

  6. I have a whiney stage five clinger too! All the other little girls in daycare are so quiet and sweet but not this one lol...makes life more interesting right?!

  7. Have fun at the pumpkin patch! I don't care how many we go to around this time of year they NEVER GET OLD!

    Oh and I get ya on the kiddo thing. Mine hangs out all cool with daddy but then gets crazy toddler tornado on me. What gives?

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I know of flat iron hair curling, I however cannot accomplish it. I totally lack in the doing my hair department.

  9. Stage five clinger. Enough said!

  10. My mom lives in Meridian! That festival looks like fun! Maybe I'll arrange my next family Idaho visit in October! www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  11. Who knew a flat iron could not only straighten your hair but also curl it? Good stuff! Thanks for the tip!

  12. Haha, the eyeliner, hysterical! I've received several in the 'boxes' monthly, definitely takes some getting used to. I've tried curling with a flat iron, I'm afraid I'll burn my hair off!
    OMG, your Farmer and your Kaye, A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Seriously.


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