September 20, 2013

what is friday?

never did i think i would sooo NOT appreciate fridays.

you see...when you're married to a farmer you might get a random day off during the week, but rarely can you count on a friday to bring in the weekend.

unless it's winter...and then all bets are's party time. hold that thought...we have a kid.

but this friday my a day to look forward to.

my nearest and dearest put together a little dirty 30 birthday party and we'll be celebrating tonight in le big city.

we'll be playing some pub golf complete with outfits and score cards and i couldn't be more thrilled.

this mama needs a night off.

how to have a successful pub golf evening:

1. gather a great group of people to celebrate:

2. explain the rules and make sure everyone knows you MEAN IT. this is serious people:

and scare you friends a little in the process:

3. assign golf-themed nicknames for all parties:

 4. and bring props. props are very important for photo opps:

5. and last but certainly not least...have fun, stay safe, and take kissy pictures with your sister, or jumping pictures or...just take lots of pictures:

have a great friday, y'all. i sure will be.

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  1. It's rained here twice this week and I still have seen no sign of my farmer! In fact, I've spent the last two Fridays cleaning puke off the carpet (kid, dog). Ughh!
    Your night out looks soooooo fun! Enjoy it!

  2. Looks like you had a great night out! As a farmers daughter and being married to someone in the ag industry, I know that vacations, holidays, and days off are few and far between.

  3. I'm sure you needed that day off! I'm coming over from The Girl in the Red Shoes and I have to tell you your blog description is so cute!

  4. Came over from Girl in the Red Shoes and so glad I did! :) My little man was born Oct 27th, so our kiddos are SUPER close! Your girl is a cutie...and I can't believe she has been walking for awhile now! My little guy isn't quite there yet, but, oh so close!
    PS My hubby WISHES he was a farmer. He is constantly looking for land to buy to start with. LOL

  5. happy birthday friend!! and seriously, having a little person in the house changes the whole idea of weekends, right?! ;) they are so worth it though.

    happy tuesday, friend!

  6. We played bar golf for a friend's birthday last year too, and it was a great time! I wish we would've had your fun props though.

  7. oh my gosh that looks like a blast!! xox


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