September 17, 2013

cold weather = crockpot time

if  there is one thing this girl likes it's a crockpot meal.

1. i know how to open a can.
2. it's nearly impossible to mess up.
3. while my cooking skillz have improved...i won't be writing my cookbook any time soon.

over in these here parts it dropped from upper 90's to the mid 80's and that was the perfect inspiration to get the crockpot out.

i know that's still summer-feelin' weather...but i can't wait for fall to get here. also, i thought my farmer deserved a nice warm meal so i decided on crockpot chicken and dumplings.

please note that while this is yum, it is not healthy.

please also note it is farmer approved. and me approved. it's good stuff.

i found the recipe via pinterest.

oh pinterest...i love thee.

find the recipe here: CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS

a note to my farmer...

just know that as i'm preparing your meal once (maybe twice) a week...i'm usually fighting this little bear.

as of late she's been obsessed with the fridge. 

on the first day she just played with the condiments in the door and it has since progressed to actively crawling inside of it to grab food items off the shelves. 

seriously girlfriend. you're 10 months old. can't you just crawl around?

how is it possible that she makes most simple activities so much more difficult but so much more fun. she's our little treasure.

the next time i make this i would imagine adding in some veggies will be quite the tasty delight.

maybe some green peppers? or spinach? or both? zucchini would probably be good as well. i'll play around with it.


  1. I practically collect crockpot meals, they are my favorite! Thanks for sharing

  2. I love crock pot meals, but I have tried some recipes that were no bueno! I've done this one before though and its totally delish and my farmer approves as well!

  3. I saw a Chicken and Dumpling Crockpot Recipe on Pinterst and wondered if it would be any good! I might have to give them a try.

  4. Just found your blog, so cute! I'm going to have to try this recipe. Since having our babe (who's also an October baby!) if I can't cook it in a crockpot, it doesn't get cooked! lol. My little girl LOVES the fridge too! If I need to get something done in the kitchen, I'll just leave it open for her to play. haha.

  5. Oh watch out! My LO started playing in the fridge around that age and won't stop now! Yesterday I had to bribe her with M&Ms to get back the bottle of wine she took out! Ok maybe I didn't have to give her M&Ms but it seemed those 3 bites of chocolate were better than the tantrum that would have happened otherwise :)

    BTW your LO is a doll! 10mo+ are when (in my ever so humble opinion) all the really fun stuff starts happening! Looking forward to following along!


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