August 08, 2013

three years - feels more like 10

my main farmer and me...we've been going at this marriage thing for three years now. it feels more like 10 years, and that's a good thing.

i think we have enough pictures together to represent 10 years. i was kind of  a photo nazi during our dating years.

speaking of dating about a photo tribute?

running the sawtooth relay...
celebrating after the completion of the sawtooth relay...
dancing/dropping me on my head...
posing in the pod at the london eye...
in front of a castle in prague...
getting ready to kayak...

speaking of kayaking...farmer took me kayaking (my first time in two years) for our anniversary. we had the VERY BEST time.
getting ready for fireworks on the 4th of july...
sightseeing on the middle fork of the salmon river...
and finally...we tied the knot...
how about three fun facts about life before we were married:

1. did you know that i asked my farmer out on our first date? ladies...if you see something you like, get after it.

2. farmer and i didn't live together before we were married. i wanted to, but he wouldn't let me. i wanted to get a feel for farm life before the full commitment. farmer said, "no way."

3. i moved out of the country (to prague) in hopes it would make my farmer realize how much he missed and me. the plan worked.

looking back...i wouldn't say moving to eastern-europe, site unseen, as a 20-something, and all alone was the very best idea. has anyone seen the movie taken?

happy anniversary lovey.


  1. hahaha. Your posts make my day! Write a book girl! :) - Tami

  2. Cracking up! Happy anniversary!

  3. Haha I love these fun facts! Happy anniversary to one of the best looking couples I 'know'!

  4. what a dreamy couple. ;)
    happy anni x 3!

  5. Happy anniversary. You two are the cutest couple!

  6. My husband calls me a picture nazi all the time! Love your wedding pictures, especially the last one!

  7. Umm...I found you via 5 on Friday and I think we may be the same person?!?! I moved to Stockholm for a year to convince my boyfriend that he missed me and wanted to marry me (it worked, ha), we have a 13 month old and I'm also a SAHM who likes expensive things :) Enjoying your blog!


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