August 21, 2013

one thing

yeah. sure. let's talk about it.

i husband can't look at me without laughing for the past day.

insert jokes here and here and here.

but this happened people. i've reverted back to 7th grade with not being able to look people in the eye, pushing my lunch around a plate, and awkwardly smiling.

i may as well stop wearing makeup, stop plucking my eyebrows, and throw on a vest and a bodysuit.

i could rock a bodysuit. i really could...and i did. several.

you see...i was desperate to look younger. i don't feel like i'm aging very gracefully.

so i went and got a set of these...



okay...i'll stop showing you oversized pictures of my scary teeth.

but people...i'm excited. i'm whipping these chiclet-like front teeth right into shape. 

i've been told it could take as little as nine months. nine months i can do. i've done it before. 

and my farmer said last night when i got home:

"that sure is an expensive nine months of birth control."



  1. Haha that farmer of yours is really funny! I had braces through all of middle school and 9th grade. Your teeth will feel so strange when you get them off.

  2. I had braces when I was 21. Not exactly the coolest time to be rockin' them either. I think they're cute. :)

  3. You rock 'em lady!!!! It's an investment that is for sure!!!

  4. I love the farmers comment. Sounds so much like something the hubs would say! :)

  5. HAHAHHA at your husbands comment. But don't worry, the braces will TOTALLY be worth it in the end!!

  6. Won't the braces cure the popcorn issue? I don't think you're supposed to eat popcorn with the tin mouth!


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