August 02, 2013

it's a link up kind of friday - five on

1. i have a shopping addiction - don't tell my farmer, but now that the basement is mostly finished and we're turning it into a sweet family room (think rustic-contemporary...very original...or not at all), my shopping problem has reared its ugly head. i purchased this from ol' reliable and i can't wait for it to arrive.

2. zucchini is so hot right now - if you have some extra zucchini just laying around you should make the following recipes immediately. they are simple. they are delish. do it.

3. i made a cake and didn't get sick -  normally when baking sweets i eat so much of the dough/batter/frosting/whatever before it is actually baked i get sick...but not this time. i actually refrained from eating any of it until i had delivered the cake to miss amy over at the farmer's wife. it was her birthday last week and i'm thrilled she was born. amy...thank you for being born. i was craving cake.

i found the letter flags, frosting and cake recipes all through pinterest, so i'll be doing a little post about that next week.

4. i have the very best farmer in the world - like...the best. and the hottest. and the hardest working. it's our three year anniversary next week and he's cookin' up a little adventure for us. i can't wait.

this was taken just minutes after he proposed. can you tell by my ear to ear smile i had been waiting for this question for awhile?

5. i bought art - seriously...i did. my farmer was harassing me about our walls being bare and how our home wasn't looking homey enough. he wants some pictures on the wall. something to make it look more like "ours." i basically panic and break into the nervous sweats when it comes to decorating. i hate making decisions like this. however...over a year ago i was at a little street fair with my sister (in denver i think) and i ran across an artist's booth that i REALLY liked. i loved the colors and i loved his style. i picked up his card and saved it. so when farmer made his request i looked up this artists website and picked my goodies. 

dolan geiman

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have a nice, little weekend.


  1. Found your blog on the Friday link up! That cake looks yummy and I love that art especially the deer :)

  2. I LOVE that deer wall art!

  3. Well, hello-
    Just came across this blog post, and wanted to say thanks for blogging about and supporting Dolan's artwork. You made some fabulous artwork choices, so you shouldn't have any fear when it comes to future decorating!
    Many thanks again for your support, and all the best,
    Dolan & Ali Marie Geiman


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