August 16, 2013

fiver up in here

it's friday again already. how time flies when you're playing endless games of hide and go seek with a nine month old who is flying around the house on two feet.

1. speaking of...yep. my little baby, my nine month old, started walking. and by walking i mean running. and she clearly has a method to her madness.

step 1 - both arms up for defense. that floor will jump up and smack you at any moment.
step 2 - angry/determined/confused face...because going from all fours to a completely different perspective can make you angry and confused.

2.  i dyed my hairz brown, y'all. you see...our farmhouse was built on a hill where we had to dig our own well. and well, this well leaves a lot to be desired. there is something funky in the water...i think its iron. it turns my naturally (dyed) blonde hair an ugly, brassy, orange-y color...and it's not great. it's unfortunate seeing as how the farmer really digs blonde hair.

ps. i have the world's worst i'm pretty surprised that with the bad water and all i even have hair in my head.

3. miss amy came over and took some stunner shots of miss kaye. and by stunner i mean she managed to capture some more of her natural beauty. natural. beauty.

why is she such a creeper?

4. i've discussed many-a-time my love affair with nutella. i do believe it's one of the finest gifts italy has mass produced. good for italy. 

well, my dear, sweet cathie (who was also my baby nurse and bridesmaid) texted me a picture from costco. apparently they are now selling tubs of nutella nearly large enough for me to swim in. and swim in it i shall.

if you know anything about costco nutella, you know that they sell it in a two pack and each of the tubs in the two pack are larger than anything you can get in a regular store. 

so now let me draw your eye to the left of the picture. 

and now back to the center. i do believe that is about 11 pounds of nutella. now, i can't see a price, but after a quick google search, they are selling these tubs on amazon for about $75.

worth it.

5. as you may know, my sister was married a few months ago now. (yay!) well...her photographer was pretty stellar and managed to capture this rock star shot (if i do say so myself) of my little family of three. and i can say completely genuinely...i love it. i love it so much i think i'm going to get it blown up huge canvas style. 

i also love that my plan to appear thinner worked. i'm pressed up against my farmer's back so hard he practically fell over. i also have my arm propped out from my body so it's not flared out in all its glory. camera tricks ladies. camera tricks.

alrighty-roo...let's have a great weekend. too early for a margarita?


  1. I also have terrible well water. I'm still hanging on to the blonde, though! I call it "hard water blonde"! Haha.

  2. She is tooooo cute! I love that little jean skirt

  3. Your family is so cute. I can't believe your daughter is walking! That's amazing! All my guy wants to do is bear crawl! Ha!

  4. I can't even get over how cute your daughter is.

    I've been following you for a while now and have tagged you in the fun post going around 'you should know'. Head over to my blog to see what it is all about!

    xo Laura Beth

  5. I love that serious walking face! And those giant jars of nutella look downright dangerous. I had to give up nutella for good because I just couldn't control myself :)

  6. Perfect photo you lucky duck!

    I cannot have nutella in my home because my 15 year old devours it instantly. Seriously, gone in 15 seconds.


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