October 28, 2012

the day i had a bebe

talk about a teaser.

just kidding. i didn't have a bebe.

i'm nine days past the ol' due date. that's a niner folks.

le bebe is probably never going to make an appearance. well...maybe around christmas-time at this pace. right? right.

i recently learned how to use the hash tag according to twitter and instagram.

so we'll call this blog post: #pregnantgalproblems

it's officially a "problem" in my book.

as you approach the end of your pregnancy, you'll have people telling you to "relax" and "put your feet up."

i've decided to take the opposite approach. i really just want to do anything and everything that will pass the time...quickly.

i attempted to make cakepops for my friend's harvest party. i failed...again. out of about 40...only 20 kind of turned out:

these certainly aren't the prettiest. however, they are FAR better than my first attempt. you may recall the cakepop disaster of christmas 2011? click here to have a looky-lou.

i also made four batches of chili for this same harvest party. it's safe to say the chili is MUCH better than the cakepops.

but have a look at last year's harvest party. you can view it here and here.

the harvest party is tonight. i have high expectations.

i originally thought i'd be bringing a bebe to this year's harvest party event...instead i'll be shoving chili and cakepops in my face. moving on...

i would never say that 41+ weeks pregnant is "comfortable" or "enjoyable" or a "highlight" of the past year.

it's reached a comical state, though. sometimes i just look at my cartoon-shaped belly and laugh. i'm quickly jerked back to reality when le bebe adjusts position and i receive a lightening sharp pain on either side of my lower spine.

two words: super awesome.

guess what else? i'm so SO tired of hearing myself complain. and i can only imagine how tired my farmer is of hearing the same words come out of my mouth.

he's a saint, people. he just keeps asking what he can do to help.

he rubs my feet. he rubs my back. he even threw together a chicken dinner as i dictated from the couch the recipe i found on pinterest. bless him.

chicken dinner made in joint effort by farmer and me

in between trips to le big city, complaining, and half-hearted attempts at cakepops, i put some more touches on bebe's room:

the crib wall leaves much to be desired. i figure i'll jazz that up with le bebe's name...once we know what we're having.

we're also waiting on a chair to be delivered to go on the striped wall. a chair to be used for bebe cuddling.

i'll wrap this 41st week post up with a pathetic picture taken by my farmer.

here i am strapped up to some monitors for a non-stress test. it monitors bebe's heart rate and my contractions.

but don't worry...i'm not having contractions. that was easily confirmed.

killer flower, yes?


  1. i cant believer youre still pregnant, i'm sorry!! i cant imagine your discomfort. on the bright side... its humanly impossible to stay pregnant forever :)

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  3. Oh goodness, bebe needs to come! Don't feel bad, you aren't the only one who has super-failed at making cake pops! (Ahem...me!)

  4. Tuesday. Tuesday is THE day. I just know it. I can feel it in my bones.

  5. I got all excited when I saw your title on my blogger reader list! Hang in there sistah! The bebe will be here soon.

  6. Love your blog! And for 41+ weeks you look so great!! I'm 24 weeks and do not look near as cute as you...now I have a crazy craving for some chili!! Fingers crossed bebe comes soon!

  7. My cake pops always turn out a bit droopy! Good luck with the almost-baby!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  8. Lou! You're super woman! I love to picture Russ Pup just doting over you. Talk about the best family ever. #iwishicouldbebebeschiernanabell Missing you!!

  9. Ok. You are awesome. I was late with my most recent baby (but only 4 days, you are amazing at 9) can I just say how cool I think you are for not being a pansy and making the doctor induce you by now? I'm telling you from experience : LETTING birth happen vs MAKING birth happen us always always always better! The labor and delivery and recovery is so much better when it happens naturally. My midwife always says "when the fruit is ripe, it just falls off the tree".

    So I know you are way past done, but you really are almost there. Like...very close.
    Go buy yourself something fun. Le bebe will be here soon. Probably when you least expect it:)

  10. You looked fantastic for 9 days late, Karli! I remember being willing to do just about ANYTHING to get my baby out of me at that point. I was hiking up every hill I could spot. I'm so glad she has come into this world now and I can't wait to meet her!

  11. I love the nursery! You are brave not to know the gender. I would go absolutely nuts!

    (I agree...that flower is really weird.)

  12. I KNEW SHE WAS A GIRL!!! I have two. Girls are sooooo fun!


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