May 15, 2012

it's raining goats

good tuesday y'all! we have some action happening on the farm and i really couldn't be more thrilled. or in love. or mushy-gushy.

so...remember a few posts ago when i was jumping all over our furniture because we had some "visitors" in the basement? well...from what farmer tells me, we're up to 14 dead mice-ies and one nest of baby mice-ies. good riddance. (if you missed that post, click HERE.)

well now we have some different visitors and they are more than welcome. if farmer would let me, i'd bring them right into our living room and cuddle them all day long. we'd watch the real housewives, eat popcorn, and live happily ever after.

it's raining goats up in here!

first, we had this little brown beauty join our farm...

he's just over a week old but already he is hopping, running, twisting, and flipping all over the place. but he's certainly not too big for me to chase down and cuddle...

and then, this weekend, we had this little spotty guy come for a visit...

so naturally farmer and i had amy from the farmer's wife (<~~ click to visit her blog) and mr. babes (her babe) come for a goat visit.

mr. babes wanted nothing to do with the goat kiddos...but everything to do with the goat with horns.

so as of this weekend, we were up to two...with a few more on the way.

and then a miracle happened. this little guy joined our lives...

i introduce to you...

isn't he the best?! and modest...he came out wearing pants!

so as of monday morning we had three baby goats...all boys.

and then...ANOTHER miracle happened...


this little couple are brother and sister. and they are the sweetest. i've been away for work, so i haven't actually met them yet. but i have every intention to set up shop in their pin with them upon my return. i can't wait.

that makes five in all! hip hip!

on another note...this naughty goat couldn't get enough of my green hunters...

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