May 26, 2012

flashback friday + 1 day

in honor of the rain.

in hopes of the rain gods taking pity on our hay that is sitting hopelessly on the ground waiting to be baled but can't be baled because it's been rained on.

as an offering to the wind to stop blowing.

i humbly submit my longing for hot summer days:

cool, flowing rivers.
delicious beverage.
grilled food.

right now...i don't think we'll ever see those days. but it's idaho. and idaho is less than predictable.

which means soon this will be me...

but i probably won't be sitting on my dad's lap.

and i probably won't be captaining the boat.

and there will be a lot less man-thigh in the background.

but if i play my cards right - maybe my dad WILL rock that same hawaiian hat. one can only hope.


  1. The day started off with rain here in Oregon too, but hoping it goes away soon!

    Happy Weekend!


  2. Hey! I just found your blog on Follow Friday! I am really hoping the rain stops here today. I want to be outside this weekend!

  3. love the old picture! i'm craving summer days too - and managed to get an escape this weekend and we're just waiting for the sun to burn off the clouds before we head to the lake :) just found your blog from ff and i'm excited to be your newest follower! i'd love for you to come visit me at :)
    have a great weekend!

  4. "man thigh action" = L.O.L.
    Thanks for that!


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