April 27, 2012

high five for friday

it's friday. it's windy. but it's friday. i feel good about that.

and another thing: it's friday. hip hip!

what am i loving about this week? let me just tell you:

1. rita's water ice. if you're from philadelphia you'll pronounce it wudder ice. okay? this glorious thing was introduced to me when i was a nanny (during my college days) for a GLORIOUS family (that i think about all the time! hello white family!) in new town, PA. (a little suburb outside of phili.) anyway, the white's would take me to get rita's and as soon as that custard and water ice hit the mouth...i knew i was in heaven. we don't have water ice on the farm...or in idaho. but galveston, TX had water ice. yes. they. did. high five!

2.  major league baseball games, beer, and footlong hotdogs. my farmer was in heaven at his first major league baseball game. although...i think he liked the beer more than the game. high five.

3. POTTERY BARN GIFT CARD GIVEAWAYS! $50 smack-a-roos. high five to that. i wish i could enter. do you want to enter? click HERE.

4. high five for a new running outfit. they'll call me black mamba out there. and while that tank makes me look like a men's runner from the 80's, it's very lightweight and perfect for a lunchtime run when the sun is high. up top!

and lastly...

5. a huge, stinkin' high five to my employer who not only lets me work from home, but also let's us all off at 1pm CST every single, stinkin' friday.

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  1. high five friday! love it and love you!

  2. Total Friday Hottness!! Also- I had NEVER heard of Water Ice until last week and here you are raving about it...so it must be cool. High five!

  3. A Rita's just went in where we go shopping (30 minutes to anywhere here). I haven't tried it but now I'm going to HAVE to!

    Here's my H5F:



  4. I like your running outfit! I am totally obsessed with exercise clothes, that was one of my High Fives for let week!


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