March 09, 2012

high five friday action goin' on over here

i spent a little monies this week. i'm not mad about it. people, i've been living in a single-wide trailer!  so, in my nearly two years of single-wide livin', i've refrained from purchasing home goods. people! the time has come to furnish/decorate la brand new casa!
so in honor of high five friday, three purchases and two randoms:

1. i bought a bed. this little guy is from west elm and i'm thrilled.

2. this beautiful rug! it will live under our kitchen table. i know it seems a little loud, but i feel like since it will be covered by our kitchen table, it will be every so slightly subdued. right?

3. holla holla! i got this on sale in the store for pennies on the dollor! not really, but it was a screamin' deal. i have NO clue where i'm going to put it, but it was WAY to slammin' of a deal to pass up.

4. did you know we had our countertops installed yesterday?! please pardon more horrible pictures taken on my phone.

5. i don't have a picture to represent the fight i got in with the UPS man. allow me to set the scene:

i was on a conference call and heard a knock on the door. i didn't answer. i heard another knock. didn't answer. ANOTHER knock. finally, i answered and explained that i was on a work call. he looked at me and said, "this address doesn't exist." it was the address to our house being built. we were assigned the address by the county. there is a very official green address marker at the beginning of our .6 mile driveway...i'm POSITIVE that address exists. UPS man proceeds to argue with me and then very condescendingly says, "what is it, another trailer?" to which i replied, "no, mr. UPS man. it's a house being built atop a glorious hill with a glorious view and i'd appreciate it if you could check your condensceding attitude at the truck you drove in here on. now please turn that truck around and deliver my bed to my house on the hill where it belongs! because lord knows that bed ain't fittin' in this here single-wide!" okay, i didn't say that, but i should have.

high five for friday!


ps. more survivaler videos will return MONDAY!

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  1. Good for you for buying things for your new house! That is SO exciting! We've lived in our new place since October, and I can't seem to get my room set up even though I've been meaning to foreverrr. I'll make little progress here and there, but never enough! So props to you! Money well spent :) Happy Friday!!


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