March 21, 2012

do you want a $50 anthropologie gift card?

I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT! allow me to give you a little background knowledge...

about six years ago (or maybe it was five) this girl (amy)...

Farmers Wife

married this boy (ryan)...

then just a year ago they had this adorable present arrive (mr. baby aka brody aka bro bro)...

anywho...what i'm about to tell you is probably going to blow your brace yourself.

as you may know, i live in a little, itty-bitty town called bruneau. i think the population is just over 100. i moved to bruneau in 2010 when i married my farmer. well...someone was looking after me when i moved out here because the adorable family above...yes...THEY LIVE IN A NEIGHBORING TOWN! we call them our neighbors but they live like 17 miles away...that's close in these here parts.

well, the gal pictured above...her name is amy. and i heart her. i heart her because we really have quite a lot in common. such as, we both married farmers! i REALLY heart her because she dresses totally stylish every single day while i trudge around in sweaties and uggs. my husband is real REAL lucky. (i'm actively trying to correct this character flaw...promise.) and that's typically why i'm friends with people...for how they dress. kidding. so amy and i became fast friends and blah blah blah... she and i both write these bloggy blogs. she writes over at the farmer's wife. go check it out if you dig the farm pun intended.

she's doing this SUPER AWESOME GIVEAWAY which is a $50...i repeat


can you even believe it? i couldn't. so just go to her bloggy and follow the instructions she has posted. one easy way to get entered in the giveaway is to follow her blog. you can follow her blog by clicking "join this site" on the right side of the page and entering your e-mail address. and i know it's scary to give your e-mail address out because you're scared of spam or whatever...but i won't get spammed. it's run by google...and we trust google, right? right.

and when you finish following miss amy's blog...follow my blog too. i'm at a measly 35 followers and i'd really love to grow that popluation! (but the 35 followers i do have...LOVE YOU GUYS!) and then maybe if i get 50 followers i'll do an awesome giveaway as well!

okee dokee - go win a $50 anthropologie gift card!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Love the way you shared the giveaway. Their son is adorable.

    Would love to read your daily life on the farm. New follower. I found you through the blog hop.

  2. hey darling! i saw you over on bloghop and just wanted to say i love your blog!
    newest follower <3 say hi sometime, and follow me back?


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