February 12, 2012

sunday fun day is BACK

confession: i've been quite relaxed when it came time to set my sunday goals for the past few weeks. i would think about it quite often throughout the week and have ideas of grandeur...only to quickly be distracted by the latest episode of teen mom 2.

but now that i'm focused this sunday morning, sipping on my 1 part coffee 1 part chocolate-caramel creamer and watching gangs of new york (perfect sunday viewing??) i'm inspired for a new round of goals.

1. remember a few weeks ago when i said i was going to do 5000 crunches? and then i didn't do it. then i said was going to do 3000 crunches? and i DID IT! well, this week i only have until thursday to complete all my goals (we're going to a wedding in sun valley. we're going to ski our buns off). so i'm going to adjust my goals to be completed in five days. i will do 2000 crunches.

2. i will run at least three miles and do at least 50 boy push-ups a day. (i did 10 boy push-ups yesterday and i'm sore. that's ridiculous.)

3. i will make dinner twice. once again, popcorn may not be considered dinner.

4. farmer suggested only watching one hour of television a day. i laughed in his face. bahahahahaha.

alrighty, i'm off to pound out my miles on the treadmill...then off to a mustache bash with glorious GLORIOUS cakepops. get. in. my. mouth.


  1. Haha love this post. But dang. 2000 crunches...3 miles a day followed up with 50 push ups??? I just barely completed 10. Literally, I was grunting by number six. Good luck pretty lady.

  2. the only reason i can bust out those crunches in a week is because i catch myself too many times a day just sitting. so instead of sitting i force the crunches. we shall see if i pull this off.

  3. You have motivation girl! I'm lucky if I can do 10 push-ups or crunches without giving up!

  4. 3000 crunches!? Seriously!? That's insane...and really impressive! I think I would snap in half if I tried to do that!


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