February 24, 2012

movie review: the descendants

oh people. movie-lovers. movie-haters...all of you, listen up. i went to see this movie in the big city with my mom last week. it. was. fab. it's funny, sad, happy, devastating, and evokes uncomfortable anticipation all in two hours. bottom line? go see it.

basically, it's about this guy (george) who is a worker-bee, who ignores his family until there is a bit of an accident. then all of a sudden he gets a serious wake up call. but to top it all off, he's a descendant (go figure) of a former king/queen of oahu (if memory serves) and there is this chunk of land that's in a trust for all the descendants. so as george is dealing with a family tragedy he's also the trustee for this land that the family is being forced to sell for millions and millions and millions of dollar bills.

the weird part? you really do feel bad for the guy. and even though he kind of neglected his family all those years...totally likable. i definitely rooted for him.

the best part of the movie, minus the movie itself? my mom, once again, was a snotty, teary mess as she popped peanut butter m&m's. me? i giggled to myself as i shoved masses of pretzel m&m's in my mouth.

oh oh! another best part of the movie: when my mom and i were originally charged $20 for the movie tickets. but then, without saying one word to us, the ticket lady looked at us and charged us $17 instead. this confused me. but as we were walking in my mom said, "DO I REALLY LOOK 55? seriously, do i?" they had charged her the senior citizen rate. love that!


  1. If you loved it, you should read the book too. It's even better. :)

  2. how did i not know there was a book?!?! k. officially buying an ipad so i can download the book. makes sense, right?

  3. Um, YES. An iPad is def necessary to be able to read a book. Obviously it was a little near and dear to my heart since I went through the same situation with my dad as a teenager when my mom died so I may have been biased towards the story...but I still think it's wonderful.


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