January 30, 2012

a treat from the past

did. you. know:

1. my sissa kelli and i used to take dance lessons?
2. my face used to be abnormally long and my cheeks were chubby for miles?
3. kelli was incredibly graceful and i was super duper rigid?
4. during our dance recital i couldn't keep my thumb out of my mouth?
5. even after i grew out of my dance costume i wore it for years and years because i liked how soft and silky the fabric was?
6. kelli was super tall and super duper skinny?
7. our mom let us wear make-up for dance recitals?
8. i was ridiculously jealous of kelli's tutu? who wouldn't be? i was stuck with that lace mu mu. i'm still ticked off about it.
9. kelli got to do tap and i was stuck with some lame modern dance? i was so jealous of her tap shoes. during my modern dance i decided to do my "own thing" and invented the popular dance move "cool butterfly" while everyone else was doing the actual choreography.
10. kelli later took those tap shoes and danced on a very expensive chess board? she broke it. she got in trouble.


  1. Man oh man. I can't even put into words how much I. Loved. This. Post. I want to squeeze baby you until you POP!

  2. Oh my gosh love this! I saw your blog today in my FB news feed :) Love it! I feel like it was just yesterday you were this wee lil lass and I was a whole heck of a lot younger myself!


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