January 27, 2012

i broke my leg

happy weekend, ya'll! okay, so i didn't break my leg, but i will be testing my ski legs for the first time this season. in anticipation for tomorrows activities, here is a photo before both my legs are broken this weekend:


don't ya'll worry. sissa kelli has since purchased a helmet. we ski safe. these little snaps were taken last year at the canyons in park city. it's just bea-u-ti-ful out there. but this weekend we'll see how breckenridge treats us.

ya know what the real pisser is? we got this screamin' deal from southwest on flights to denver. $50 smacks each way. farmer and me grew more and more excited as idaho refused to precipitate. however, as our trip to denver approached, the snow finally arrived in our great state and dumped. in the words of my farmer, "it was like sugar." (don't worry, i made fun of him for that. sugar? apparently it's a commonly used term in snow-world.) he played every day in that "sugar" until we had to catch our flight to denver.

we arrived wednesday night and yesterday it was 58 degrees. i was ditching clothing like a **** in church. too far? but seriously, it was toasty. definitely no need for the down jacket and scarf i started out with. and in case you were wondering- yes, i did pit out this blue, denim shirt:

real REAL sweaty. denim isn't the most breathable fabric.

rumor has it the snow is supposed to head our way today. we'll need it for our ski adventures this weekend.

please wish my knees good luck on the slopes and wish me good luck with this guy. why does he always look like he's up to no good?

look at all that hair! farmer needs a trim. aaaaand he's going to kill me for putting this picture up.
enjoy the weekend!


  1. lmao I love that you tell me when you pit out, makes me feel better about my issues! Oh and the hairy moles too;) Farmer should've come with you before you left for a little sprucin up of that hair do' he's got going on!

    1. ummm...I AM farmer's barber. don't take it from me. :) kidding...you would die if you saw how i cut his hair. die.

  2. I seriously thought you had *already* broken your leg. I guess time will tell. Enjoy that sugar! Don't forget to pack your insulin. :)

    1. bahaha! insulin. check. i'll probably be on a sugar high all weekend!

  3. How did the ski trip go? Did your legs give out on you? Physical activities like this should be handled with precaution since our bodies are prone to injury all the time. A sprained ankle or leg, for instance, takes time to heal and hampers a person's ability to move. Stay safe!

    Kristal Byrnes @ COCOrtho


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