December 16, 2011

UPDATE: would you wear this?

remember when i wrote a post about this outfit:

and i asked you if you would ever wear it? and then remember when nobody responded? and then remember when i told you i would tell you later what farmer thought of this outfit?
  1. nobody responded - this could be for several reasons. maybe nobody reads the blog? maybe the world wide web crashed this day and the blog wasn't accessible? or everyone hated it except for my sister in denver because she's totally funky and hip and with it and has the guts to wear something like this.
  2. farmer hated this outfit - he showed up and i was standing in the kitchen with one boot on nibbling on something. he said something like, "wow. what do you have on there?" and i asked him if he liked it and he beat around the bush for about 10 minutes. finally i muscled him to the ground and pressed my forehead to his forehead and yelled, "DO YOU LIKE IT?" and he responded, "it's not my favorite thing you've ever worn." bless him.
  3. the more i look at this outfit the more i'm like, "what the...?"
VERDICT: i will not be wearing this outfit. thank god that skirt was only $6.

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  1. The last time I checked your blog, comments were not an option. AND back then I had time to comment, now, I have no time. So...I could not pull this outfit off, but you could. AND I think that allowing comments on your blog will totally up the number of received comments. :)


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