December 31, 2011

movie review: new year's eve

yokay. i went to see this little gem of a movie last week with my ma. i thought it would be a nice mother/daughter flick. a little bon jovi for her, a little zac efron for me. (i loved you in high school musical 1, 2 and yes, even 3.) in addition, josh duhamel is a hottie. i love carrie bradshaw...err...sjp. and there are a few others that i didn't mind seeing either.

well, let me just put it all out there for you. don't go see this in the theatre. you will have wasted $20.  and then, when it comes out on redbox or netflix and you've decided that you're willing to sacrifice $1 or three days out of your netflix subscription, you're making a mistake and you should have spent that $1 on a wendy's frosty.

as a matter-o-fact, the only thing worse than going to see this with your girlfriends is going to see it with your husband or boyfriend and then having to explain to them why they are never going to get those two hours of their life back. and just know, that in order to make it up to them, you're going to have to watch transformers 4, 5 and 6.

there was one solid moment when i looked over at my mom to see a wet, snotty mess of a woman, simply wrought with emotion. the woman loves her romantic comedies.

but you know what? the night was definitely not a waste:

  1. i got to spend time in the big city, which means i totally put pants on.
  2. we totally snuck jimmy john's sandwiches into the theatre. yum and yum
  3. it's never a waste to log some mom hours. she totally loves me, even when i make fun of her for being a wet, snotty mess.

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  1. so i'm logging some serious time on your blog tonight! this is hilarious! only because I can picture your wet, snotty, mom! Why are you so funny? Can I please hangout with you more? I miss your guts and i really just like to laugh my pants off!


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