December 04, 2011

i got dressed

you bet i did. i put pants and shoes on.

my farmer and i had been working on the house this cold, windy saturday. i had insulation up to my armpits and in my nose and in my lungs and down my pants and in between my toes. *cough cough* (i'm still a little stuffy.) so we were workin' and workin' but then we had to stop...we had to get to a holiday party about two hours away. (that's the beauty of living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. you take a trip to the grocery store and you better pack an overnight bag and bring a cooler.)

so we drove the three miles from the house-site to the single-wide to hurriedly get showered and changed. annoyance is, i hadn't had a chance to put thought into what i was going to wear. i mean...i don't get dressed very often, so when i do i would prefer i felt special. so i stared at my closet sweating because i knew we were in a time crunch. pulled some randoms from it and voila. i came out with this. and i liked it! so i think my game plan is to start taking pictures of outfits i like and then organize them in folders on my computer: fat day, cold weather; skinny, cold; fat, casual; fat, dressy; skinny, date night; summer, girls get the idea.

maybe if i organize my outfits in such a way, farmer won't have to wait on me and i'll spend a lot less time staring blankly at my closet and stress-sweating.

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