November 30, 2011

UPDATE: movie review: breaking dawn p. 1

guess what i did last night? i went on a date with my dear, sweet cathie. guess what we did? we saw breaking dawn. you bet we did. whoa mama was it something to be talked about. we talked about it the entire way home. we talked about it because i think we just couldn't believe how bad it really was. who knew it was a comedy? fo realz, yo. for realzies. i'm serious.

now, i don't want to give you the wrong impression. i would say that it was a 7/10 on the entertainment scale. i laughed. i cried. er...i laughed so hard i cried. cathie too. however, i probably enjoyed this movie the most out of the twilight series thus far; but the books are definitely better. cathie and i both agreed that the best acting scene was jacob weeping. the worst scene/my favorite scene was when the werewolves snarl-spoke to one another. it was at this point i had an out of body experience. i saw myself 10 or so years from now watching this movie with my kids. i saw them look at me in disbelief/judge me because they just can't justify in their minds that i actually read this entire series twice. (you know what i'm talking about! like when you watch an old movie with "special effects" and they are really really bad compared to what we have these days.) at one point cathie and i looked at each other in disbelief and burst into hysterics. we later agreed that we were both ashamed to have seen the movie because of that singular scene.

notable thoughts from last night:
  • cathie - "when does kristen stewart not look like she's sucking on a lemon?"
  • karli - "how did kristen stewart get so skinny? i'm going to google it and try it. do you think it was a crazy cleanse?"
  • cathie - "it's called meth."
  • cathie - "can we talk about jasper for a second?"
  • karli - "why? because he's so hot?"
  • cathie - "no, because he's a freak."
  • cathie - "where did edward get the styrofoam cup for the blood smoothie?"
  • we're both confused as to why edward couldn't wipe the blood from his face after the birth scene. seriously edward, pull it together.
  • cathie noted that there was some serious lack of coaching when it came to the CPR scene. if it were real-life, bella would be dead. curtains.
  • where was all the glittery-vampire skin? we need consistency.
all in all, we had a lovely little evening together. first i got to hang with the adorable claire (cathie's little girl). she smiles ALL. THE. TIME.

then we had a photo sesh at the theatre...

cathie didn't get the memo that when you're fighting star wars style you don't smile. i, however, wasn't tall enough to poke my face through the hole so i had to stand on part of the cardboard structure that had a sign on it stating "do not stand on the cardboard structure." whatevs. i do what i want.


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  1. LOVE the Starwars pics. There were a few details you forgot to mention (and that we forgot to chat about):
    1. Edward pulling a random styrofoam cup and lid out of the kitchen for the blood smoothie. Makes me wonder what else they have in here.
    2. The blood on Edward's mouth during the birth scene. I'm still confused.
    3. Did you mention the terrible CPR?
    4. The lack of glittery vampire skin.

    Oh, guilty pleasure movie, how I love thee.


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